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  1. I was thinking we should have one in the chamber and with all the rules of ine in the chamber... 1 bow, 1 arrow, and a sword but all has to be 1 hit kill. My map ideas for this could be like some COD maps like nuketown, firing range, etc. honestly i would LOVE to play this i like the archer type game... we should make it so it is able to upgrading your archery as well just to have some addon towards the game.
  2. Your real name - My name is Dominik Your in game name, also include any other names you use - Young_DJ Your age is? - 14 but i am more mature. Where you are from? - Redding, California How long you have been playing Minecraft? - Approximately 2 years Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? - N/A How did you find Rencorner? - I was bored looking for less voted for servers... meaning less terrain used and newer, fresh land to grow off of. Some stuff to know about me i am about to be in 10th grade and an familiar with OP, Admin, and Co-Owner as of a few servers but they are all shut down and or a lower version. Since I am only 14, turning 15 in September, I hopefully do not get judged just by my age. that simply displeases me. I am kind, helpful ( For the most part ) as I can only help only so much. Glad to be on your server and hopefully stay awhile. ~~~~~ Sincerely Young_DJ PS I am on every other week due to my parents being split up.