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  1. Seniormods+ should be excluded from this competition,.
  2. Good luck, but I'm just thinking... I haven't seen you for several months anyway.
  3. Just won county badminton with 3 other friends. Wish me luck for regionals in 2 months
  4. It would be kinda unfair though, all the spawners are getting removed because of some people being irresponsible. I would personally play less mc if this happened.
  5. I gave your VIP back before you even made the first post.
  6. Congratulations to MrPixel and MorganLeFay for becoming HalfMod's! -Sorry to Morgan for posting this so late
  7. Late happy birthday guys!
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. Not really sure how this'll work. I mean, it'll be hard to make this work properly, and forgetting how to code it.
  10. Happy birthday Donkey Kong
  11. Get better sound instead of this shitty Woop sound - for Shoutbox and Chat box Bring back the grey background for things you haven't read
  12. Happy birthday Mr. No one
  13. Also add terraria to the logo
  14. Fix the thing when it says Guard(some random codes)