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  1. I'm still writing it but here's a start to a story ^.^
  2. Scythes coordinate: 40.459: 140.06250: -1025.632 Sapphires coordinate: 40.614: 74: -941.575
  3. I keep having points where the mobs freeze or lag severely, so it's not just creative.
  4. I dont have many friends that get on regularly, and scythe is one of them ^>^
  5. I'm forfeiting to Scythe, his build is twenty million times better than i could ever do.
  6. I personally feel with all the current changes a skin plug in isn't necessary now. Though we can put it up to a vote after things have become less hectic.
  7. I was second do warlord, so according to the stairs for tropheys i beat you. i just lost to warlord so
  8. I think i've got a good chance, after all i beat you in the ship building luca ^.^
  9. I'll work on a building ^>^
  10. Its a bad thing to save yourself by typing /spawn? Then why put in the sign in the skyblock challenge, "How fast can you type /spawn?" Safe to say im thoroughly confused as to why this is a problem.
  11. need to talk? am i introuble? o.o
  12. OH i thought i sent that to Volcom my bad joe ^.^
  13. Why not put up a vote on the forums seeing what the majority of the community wants. Put up an announcement in game explaining this so anyone who plays has equal opportunity to imput what they want. Seems like a better solution than just arguing over what works and doesnt from individual point of views.
  14. Soda! >.>
  15. Im working on donations for: 10,000 student loans 13000 car loan 300 car repairs 20 grocery bill