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  1. Ty for the results,
  2. Tbh I don't really see use for either of them, no offense. But it could be something for donors
  3. Fallout Iron World Coords: X -128 Y 105 Z -540 Name : NeeonCat
  4. If you get the plugin the new combat would just be awkward. Kappa.
  5. I am back after 999 years of raging, LOL

  6. Btw 1.9 will remove blocking with your sword so far (Not in snapshots ^.^)
  7. I vote for it! I hope everyone else does too! It would be a good match for PvP , And for random stuff
  8. Username : dragonbreath0825 Timezone : Central I am also free any day as I know of right know so just msg on rencorner Skill Level 0 lol
  9. I wanna enter! I just got a better fps laptop so I think I can sharpen up on my skillZ
  10. Country: America. Age: 11 name: Connor South bend Hello I am applying for trusted, I have been here for about 2 years since about 1.6.4 made lots of friends in 1.6.4 but then I had a big gap until 1.8 rencorner until I got a new PC. I love to chat with people on too, like give, Hayley and luc etc. I hope you accept my request for dragons Username for minecraft - dragonbreath0825 Instagram - Seahawksdragon