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  1. always was my favorite moderator.

  2. please rejoin luca :)


  3. joe is on now :)
  4. So i was afking in skyblock and watching anime When i got back to minecraft my island was fine, i went to spawn to sell some sugarcane and after using /back to go back to my island, the error message "hole in floor" appeared I used ./is home to go to the home, only to find only two chunks of my island were left and all the are around it was gone, i asked robo who was on the server at the time to verify it was gone, and not a chunk loading error it was all gone according to him too. i went back to spawn to check spawn was okay and skyblock ate my remaining two chunks, so far i have msged joe on irc and made a stone platform outlining the borders of my island all islands adjacent to mine appear to be completely eaten too
  5. thx war :)
  6. :)
  7. Happy new year :D
  8. id love to see you back on mc :)
  9. Yea, i agree with sky I started a new hub in advanced creative but got stuck with world edit and it wasnt good atall Id be happy to help with yours :)
  10. Thanks guys :D Ill continue to help the mc server :D
  11. Making a jetpack purchasable at 50k wouldnt encourage new players imo as that pricing would be way out of their leauge, there needs to be alot more instant rewarding things, maybe a crate system or as you said the casino?
  12. Root has enabled ./is invite as this is the root of the problems (get it) i think itll be fixed :D
  13. From request of Joetorp im going to summarise bugs i have encountered with joining my friends island ./is invite dosent work, comes up with an error message about incorrect permissions for all Dragontamer32 has had periods where he wasnt able to use commands, chests or other things on his own island Because i cant technically join his island, my island is effectively non existant (i have it filled with power raising blocks) Because im not added to the island i spend all my time on i take no fall damage, no lava damage and creepers dont explode on me Also if i was a regular player i wouldnt be able to edit items or play here, because i am mod i have permissions for it I understand ./is trust works but this comes with certain difficulties if the player isnt added Such as ./c not working for both people, i cannot complete challenges for his island so i have spent $$$ on power raising blocks for my island I cannot set island warps, or buy anything in the island perks menu Thanks joetorp for fixing the signs in the shop :D
  14. ty :D
  15. Your first name Yul Your in game name, also include any other names you use. Manic_Mayhem Your age is? 12 Where you are from? England How long you have been playing Minecraft? 3-4 years Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? Nope How did you find Rencorner “I was looking for awesome servers Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie killing floor, terraria)? Nope