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  1. LtGeneralAndrew

    All KF servers dead now?

    I guess the steam server thing just doesn't work properly, had to connect using KF console commands.
  2. LtGeneralAndrew

    All KF servers dead now?

    Oh I see some up now, Last time I checked both the KF1 and KF2 servers all weren't online for me. Oh and the addresses changed too apparently.
  3. LtGeneralAndrew

    All KF servers dead now?

    Are all the RC KF servers just dead/offline now?
  4. LtGeneralAndrew

    Favorite tank in War Thunder or World of Tanks?

    M46 Patton all the way. Or the T28 Proto.
  5. LtGeneralAndrew


    Honestly, C# would be the way to go imo. It has the easy to understand syntax of Java and the power of a .NET C language. Or well if you want something easier I guess you could start of scripting I guess? I personally started off with VB 4.0 and then moved on to C++ / ASM.
  6. LtGeneralAndrew

    May 1-15th contest! ;d

    Sign me up too o/