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  1. 4/20 is my actual birthday, in case ya'll thought it was just a joke and no one wanted to wish me a good one :/

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    2. BigWrench


      Happy 420 Happy Birthday!

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    4. Wyld1


      Happy B-Day Ani. I am sure I had a few pulls that day. So you can say one was in your honor. lol

  2. i love that gti man

    1. Animoski


      Haha, it's an "SE Performance Package", tuned APR stage 1..
      Have truly never cared for a car ever before, super fun man i'd recommend it lol

    2. Animoski


      you got one yourself it looks like? haha

    3. Peshmerga


      No no :(

      Thats not mine, I found this one MK6 GTI in Kurdistan/Iraq last year.

      I couldnt believe my eyes so I took a pic fast

      Both very good looking cars!!

  3. Came here to post something because I saw "mr.ed" in a topic title and saw a similar trend here. This guy was also absolutely flaming/verbally abusing me through PMs and all-chat a couple weeks back.
  4. I'm sure you've tried Warka?
  5. Yoooooooooooo

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      Yeooor was gucci

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      Animoski sucks Cock! :p

  6. I must say it has been one hell of a ride. Renegade was the first game I actually played online with. Back in the days when DSL started popping up in my area, in 2004. Jelly has been around for a helluva while, and i'm extremely saddened to hear what has happened. Even though I was banned at one point, always had a deeper respect for the community because of all the obvious accomplishments. Always one of the toughest comms to go up against in commwar, and always killing it with "foot traffic." Their leaving is really symbolic for me, just shows how much time can change, and how fast it all goes by in reality. Words can not describe my emotions and appreciation of Volcom and the rest of the staff here that has continued RenCorner, a little project with zero expections I started that has grown into a great affluence of which many people i've seen and have known of for many years has invested their time and money to. Thank you everyone for the time and effort, but mostly thank you everyone for the memories. I wish I had the time (or really the interest) to play the game these days, i'm just so over it's repetitiveness lol
  7. Hell commwars have always been my favorite way of playing. I'll download RenX to fight alongside fellow RenCornerers
  8. I'm 22 feel like 42
  9. Anyone whose interesting in duo queueing with me (I am Silver 3 as of right now) and actually wants to win, feel free to add me IGN: Animoski
  10. Happy Birthday Robert
  11. Congratulations Joel, honestly well deserved after all these years of effort you have put into this community. Since we're shuffling forum titles around, am I entitled to a Founder tag?
  12. Hello and please take Iggy Azalea back.
  13. But it does happen, and i've been on both sides of the fence, because it's easy to do - just buy a Sakura out of your 10k credit cash pool and kill like 50 engineers running around trying to save what scraps they have. And that shit can last for hours, because atleast here - it's a Marathon server. Realistically, forcetc'ing yourself and putting yourself on the losing team and trying to put forth an honest effort in winning is less "game stalling" than the current barrage of snipe whoring that happens. Where do we draw the line? How long and crooked does it have to be to satisfy as many people as possible? After all, 50% of the players in the game *SHOULD* lose the game, and when a percentage of the losing team was winning for a majority of the game - there is something inherently wrong with the game. Why don't we punish the players that ragequit, some of the most popular games out right now have a system like that, and it works.
  14. Hi there! I remember seeing you around as well as playing some Ren. Great to see you around
  15. I don't have a specific place I would like to visit the most. I would like to see as much in life as I possibly can, in which the average human life span is physically nothing in the bigger sense and there is so much out there here on Earth and of course in space that can be found. I'm down to see and experience anything and everything within reason.