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  1. Hi

    I have my game2.exe listed in it.
  2. Hi

  3. Hi

    I actually tried to play yesterday but when I tried to join any server in RenList, it wouldn't do anything :(
  4. Hi

    Hello, I'm Rob. Nice to meet you.
  5. dogs RIP nortons :(
  6. nortons, my babe!
  7. Can we enforce a forum mute on this one?
  8. We need something that makes it a fair game when you're in the tunnels.
  9. #MikeyForAdmin Mikey, don't play jigsaw with Harley. wtfwrong
  10. Can I have a !mad version of the "clowns" sound as my join sound and if not that, then the regular "clown sound. Maybe a !madwtfwrong, a !madfuckyou, and a !madgm for the server, too? I promise I don't like asking shaitan to do things.
  11. Congrats to [E]veryone!
  12. Just got out of an EPIC 5.5hr Under match. It was the best match I've seen since I've come back to renegade, epic tank battles, masses from both sides... but then 5 hours in, Nod gets a spy. Game ruined... Anyway, was hoping we could get enough support to remove the spy from the game.
  13. I like the Kendrick Lamar one but the 2nd one and the Chief Keef one are terrible and hard to listen to. Chief Keef's isn't even produced well, his ad libs are so loud that they cause distortion.
  14. Hounds of Hell is dying m8.