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  1. Anyone have link for motes and proxies?
  2. Yeah why cause I got spongebob c4. I need to get spongebob remote and proxy and nuke now
  3. Does a complete wipe mean losing all your stuff and house and all that? ;(
  4. Agree, should have reworded it to "no punishment will happen to him unless...."
  5. Nobody cares if headshoot invis you unless you decide to take a video of it
  6. How about we renechange the website so it doesn't stop working once a week?
  7. Thank you!
  8. How about instead of removing guns that were put in the game by the people who made it, you remove pimp weapons so I can feel like I'm actually playing renegade. Idc if you wanna try things out like no snipers but why do we play what feels like many maps because field and under can last hours, with mines that basically kill you asap and pimp rockets which can take out almost anything like asap. And why the hell does snipers do no damage to helis in volcano flying? Helis become way too good... an apache can take out mrls and meds like nothing if they had to
  9. dogs
  10. Quickest promotion ever, congrats
  11. I'm a yes, I'm just saying other people may still not be done you never knoe
  12. Well I just found out MY semester ends the 15th so sure, but my school doesn't end until the 19th so some other people may be busy I don't know
  13. Hmmmmmmm I wonder if mdogg touched on this before ;)
  14. Trojan
  15. Vertebrae