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  1. Ok i thought you were still working on it yesterday. we will vote on it and let you know give us about a week
  2. Let me know when you are done and ill move it to our judging area in forum just remember what we're looking for. Claim a plot and build something. Don’t ask me what, let your imagination soar. Whatever you build, we’ll be looking for a certain level of skill and artistry in several areas: Use of plot area - don’t just use a tiny corner of the thing, spread out and own it. Terraforming - flat plots are boring - move into the third dimension - upwards and downwards. Hills, caves, rivers, etc Landscaping - your build lives in the world - let there be trees, shrubs, cactus - whatever fits your theme Positive / Negative Space - This is a bit hard to describe, but the open space should draw you into the build and make you want to explore. Use of Materials - don’t just use 3 or 4 kinds of blocks, you want texture as well as color Palette - there should be a unifying color scheme, not a random patchwork of clashing things Interior - There should be an inside as well as an outside, and the inside should be decorated and furnished, as appropriate Creativity - Show us something we haven’t seen before
  3. Lol hold let grab my popcorn
  4. Ive been lied to
  5. Ill most likely be there
  6. Happy birthday dan
  7. I will be starting a give away, random prizes for the top 3 voters. The closer to first the better the prize. I will be starting this next month seeing how this month is almost over. So get out there and start voting Thanks in advance to all our voters!
  8. Indeed welcome and if have any questions while im on don't hesitate to ask.
  9. Welcome to the staff team
  10. Agreed we do not need that kind of behavior on our server. The whole Nazi thing is unacceptable and to use it as a joke is not going to fly here. As joe said it happens again it will be a permanent ban.
  11. I wouldn't mind having tnt wars as well where you have to make tnt cannons.
  12. Only a few from rencorner but many others out there.
  13. I went on a vacation to Colorado and busy with work. But was on a few hours last night.
  14. Hi

    I accept you and im sure everyone else will,welcome back.
  15. You will be missed. But we might be able to recover your build if thats the only reason your leaving. But we regularly start servers over from scratch. I spent a lot of time on rail station and joe even more on rail. But its nice to start over here and there.