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  1. I went on a vacation to Colorado and busy with work. But was on a few hours last night.
  2. Hi

    I accept you and im sure everyone else will,welcome back.
  3. You will be missed. But we might be able to recover your build if thats the only reason your leaving. But we regularly start servers over from scratch. I spent a lot of time on rail station and joe even more on rail. But its nice to start over here and there.
  4. Pw1 and 2? And sorry i havent been on strep throat and tonsillitis kicked and is still kicking my ass.
  5. I prefer teamspeak hell the military used it and may still use versions of team speak, which to me says a lot for teamspeak.
  6. Indeed welcome and if ever play minecraft i would like to see what you could build in our 3d server creative.
  7. Exactly what rule did he break? Because im unsure how talking shit about a bombing and english deserving it is mutable or even a reason to be banned.
  8. Much closer but not on road yet. Rebuilding transmission now. ill post pics when done.
  9. I remember playing with billabong411 years ago. Cant remember which server though,just that it was through gamespy.
  10. Renegade as well jelly was going down hill anf came to rencorner. Then found i liked mine craft and boom here i am.
  11. I don't know 60 is a lot i think lower # makes you have to plan mine placement.
  12. I like this idea
  13. And individuals skill level
  14. Sounds good to me
  15. Happy belated birthday. Hope it was a good one.