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  1. Sounds fun
  2. Under
  3. Donkey
  4. 1: smellslikeblue 2: whirlycopter 3: mcj212 I will see the winners in game to give prizes.Thanks everyone who voted and we will have top prizes again next month. So get voting!!!
  5. Volcano flying should be fun lol
  6. Congratulations
  7. Remove sand lol. I have seen mars on mpf but not often.
  8. I play both mpf and rencorner depends on player count. I like both some times i like the different types of tanks and inf. Other times i want a more original game play. But in the end i donate here.
  9. I thought we had carry over from last month and we have donated over this month as well now.
  10. Hello and welcome i look forward to seeing/killing you on the battlefield.
  11. I fap and drive all the time ill let you know when i step up my game and reload my gun as well.
  12. But why?
  13. Killing a player with a command is bs. I would have been pissed off. Regardless if he is raging. Should have kicked him if he thought he was cheating.
  14. Sounds fun just wish i wasn't so busy so i could play.
  15. Man what a tragedy i ask for your thoughts and prayers for the family's of the las vegas shooting.