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  1. I can check by budget and see if i can do a second donation this month.
  2. Noboby plays are kf2 so it definitely should be fine.
  3. I see what you are saying since you spend more money then what a mammy cost then its obvious you chould be more powerful than a mammy. I for one liked the pic/ tank trick. I have even had a few tanks killed because of said trick. But im just like well need to practice more to be better my self.
  4. Mannys cool with sloppy second.
  5. Would this prevent 2 man wall jumps? Because many of games have been won by 2 man wall jumps.
  6. Hon bug is fun some times lets me spy on gdi for a few secs as i fall ti oblivion.
  7. Hate to see you go but good luck else where.
  8. You could do a small farm.
  9. 1: smellslikeblue 2: whirlycopter 3: nebuner/ ninjasalmon I will see the winners in game to give prizes. Joe was 3 but there is no prize i can give him that he couldn't get him self. Thanks everyone who voted and we will have top prizes again next month. So get voting!!!
  10. Flaming vehicles here i come woo
  11. Many of our players stream videos of minecraft and terraria. My son has a few YouTube videos.
  12. Definitely a no! The only plus for mrls is that i can curve missles around corners.
  13. Agree it would be hard to moderate that. Kicking and warning every time someone jumps out and shoots.
  14. Yes please try again you just needed a little more work.
  15. Ok i thought you were still working on it yesterday. we will vote on it and let you know give us about a week