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  1. Focused on videos for the channel till we get a intro.

  2. already played it. it was scary but i was more disturbed by the baby and radio.
  3. The scariest game i have ever played is defiantly SCP Containment Breach. Great atmosphere and sounds. Graphics could be more updated to better looking but that can sometimes ruin the feel of the monsters after you. Also what it is also is Free to play.
  4. done said we got videos in stock pile got some already getting edited and worked on our boss's PC was fried and had to get fixed by the channel technition so thats why it took so long lost about 50+ videos due to the PC frying
  5. The Last Yolo Fighters 2.0 Dont ask me why my boss named it that but we are trying to ask for the name change but we will be going to try to get some more people to try our videos out. got some already in the stock pile we just got to get em edited and uploaded.
  6. nope us i mean i am and my youtube people i work with and my boss. should of said that but i forgot woops XD my mistake lol.
  7. Can't wait till we get to go to Pax Prime. suppose to be 30+ of us going.
  8. Leaving for a while wish me the best of luck!

    1. ice187dna


      Good luck, don't be gone too long or we shall go hunting for you muhahahaha.

  9. Ill be going to panels in florida and other areas of the US at paxeast or any paxes
  10. thanks mate
  11. Im going to be gone for a while may be 2 months may be 3 maybe even a year i have a youtube channel i have to run and i wont be able to do much killing floor since none of the people i work with have it. So i wish the best of luck for you guys and hope you guys have a good time.
  12. he may be trying to get it fixed still hints why he hasnt been on the last 2 days
  13. i dont play it often so i will start though mostly i play with commando.
  14. Loving everyone and everything :D

  15. never tried the duel flare revolvers or M4 rifle