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  1. ROCKETS THAT LOCK ON PEOPLE111!!! Apaches and Orcas that shoot tank shells King of the Hill with friendly fire on(everyone starts with a beacon and must make it to the middle of the map where possibly a ped might be and hold it off) only normal rifles on, maybe shotguns.
  2. Inb4 'Don't buy tanks and infantry' rule. Mhmm
  3. Am I allowed to say cunt ingame? Or is there a rule against it :v
  4. Not always.
  5. I give him a week tops :v
  6. So if I add bars on G1D's RGH will I be allowed? >:v
  7. One of the dumbest ideas to be honest, killing barracks in AoW while you are ahead in points instead of just using tanks to win. It forces the enemy team to get tanks and own your ass. Also I though clearscope wasn't allowed.
  8. Try joining when there is any other map up, it will download them. It's what I do to get the RxD maps(quite large) instead of waiting at the bs 4.0 DL screen for half an hour. The game will get them as you play.
  9. City Flying
  10. Happy birthday :v

    1. Satomi



  11. We did beat you, remember?
  12. Whoever was calling the streats on the team I took part on, +1 made us win the game, especially Field. The games were fun, we played 1 more after just for the sake of it. Should do more! Gozy, we played walls flying aswell, we(nod) had the upper hand for most of the game, winning by over 4000 points, then GDI took down airstrip and started to pound us, killed refinery aswell. Me in my infinite wisdom clicked on Suicide to buy a rave when the team told me they needed help. I forgot in normal ren that takes away your money >:v, we managed to defend for the past few minutes, GDI only getting 2000 points closer to us.
  13. Gtfo >:v I miss you Jess :(
  14. Sure v:
  15. Nah what we refer to as 'MPF' is a turd v:
  16. Make a minigame where dissy is held in a cage and players throw carrots and potatoes at her v:
  17. I got kf1 some time ago cause it was free on humble bundle. I'd play. Don't have kf2 though.
  19. Hackers
  20. @liquidv2 denied my friend request on steam :( Scruffers too
  21. Shai dropped a knowledge bomb o;
  22. Oh shit that kid's got some issues lol