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  1. He's in his prime fapping years
  2. Yeah I'm pretty sure that subject has been part of this conversation aswell.
  3. What ehh meant was 'saying that you didn't reload the gun while inside a tank' as an excuse. The rule clearly states coming out, shooting and getting back in is not allowed, doesn't mention the reloading part. Someone broke a ruuuleee V:
  4. People still do it just fyi, no one cares though
  5. Goat Simulator > Terraria by a long shot
  6. <3
  7. Yeah I got that too. rackz no unfortunately, most good sites that had co-op maps for ra2/yr are long gone. MO is way too modified to be YR but I like how complex it's co-op mapd are, that's it.
  8. Ren is popular. MC is trash so you basically said Ren is trash v:
  9. Almost mistaken you for NLsRene. Tbh you won't 'With love, The one' anymore given how you can get stuff like pimp mines and players that just camp 24/7. Rarely happens when hottie/tech kills a building by infiltrating it, only cause the other team didn't pay attention lol.
  10. Judging by how stuff runs around here I’m pretty sure nothing happens back there. My app got denied because people voted no simply because they don’t like me, not based on experience, which is more than yours I’m pretty sure. If i tell you to write down all the ingame and irc commands and what’s their use I bet you will probably just say !warn !qkick and !ban lol. You being mod means nothing, ‘Hey guys I came back in ren so I’ll apply for mod even though I don’t know what I have to do’ so everyone votes yes because they’re nice people. That goes for a lot of mods and a lot of people will say the same(just check irc to see how many people say it).
  11. Make me. I was a mod here long before you were and I know the ‘behind the scene’ moderating is almost non existent, do your homework before posting abberations. Last time I saw the mods trying to do something was when we(yeah me too) caught eric TBing and the other time was when a dude joined with RoF hacks. That’s it. I’m glad to see you’re boiling to see me leave which won’t happen xd
  12. And what do you bring to the community besides just playing? Yeah nothing. I do complain about you being useless, I've never seen you actually do something. You must really be an imbecile if out of that quote you think I meant 'you shouldn't do anything', no, if you read closely it says 'Geeti had no clue about stuff, stuff being moderating may I add, just incase you get confused by so many words. ' You hamper me, I hamper you.' Nice job there 'mod', if that's how you act when someone 'hampers' which wasn't even hampering, I took that pic cause I deserved it. I wonder what will you do when someone does something more drastic like TK you, will you TK him back? Or will you just !kill like creed did
  13. Like Geeti knows what invising is. Dude was full mod before and had no clue about stuff. Hop on the complains train.
  14. Said the mod that used to grief and push me into the open to get shot because I ‘stole’ a pic from a guy I got down on health and you claimed the kill. Yea I remember that.
  15. Boy look at how friends take care of eachother when one of them screws up xd I'm pretty sure people got bored and left, not because I did. I didn't know I was such an important figure in RC that other people leave when I do LOL You can believe what you want, invis or no you got no proof about it and he's just a sore loser cause he got mad for me killing him xd I'm not going to upload GBs of video on YT of me playing just to prove anything, make your "mods" record the whole 2 hours game and then upload it for 2-3 days straight cause that's what they're supposed to do. If they don't see anything that's bs they can delete it after the game. Or make them stream, idc, I'm not going to do what these guys are supposed to, just like when I frapsed woj invising and wasted my night even though there were 4 mods ingame, they could've went to spectator mode and do what they said they would do in their mod application. I don't care what you think either shai just because you're an old stubborn man.