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  1. @liquidv2 denied my friend request on steam :( Scruffers too
  2. Shai dropped a knowledge bomb o;
  3. Oh shit that kid's got some issues lol
  4. I liked his post just cause ;d Now he's got 70 haha
  5. Geez kid don't get so fucking depressed cause I posted a picture of a slice of toast and a baguette. 'Uuuh I'm getting bullied, they post pictures and make me angry cause my name is ironically baguette' Grow a pair and move on, such a drama queen.
  6. Gee that's a 1 yo thread dude
  7. &rackz !vote yes
  8. For those that want the actual SmallDot(Or Aim4) http://jelly-server.com/skins/files/Reticles/aim4/aim4.zip
  9. Happy bday dude
  10. Yeah me too