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  1. !ban
  2. fake
  3. Naaah v:
  4. Both teams can buy snipers. I don’t see why people bitch about it. While you (generalizing)sit in a tank pressing mouse button know that a good portion of the action is played somewhere else. Sneirps fight each other to take control of a portion of the map(half the map if it’s field lol) so that the enemy team doesn’t have a field day killing you in your own base or doing cheeky rushes to kill a building. You have to see the other side of ren aswell, it’s not just TANKS EZ WIN. Just like yesterday on Bio with that lame Ion Cannon, nod had no infantry in tuns to prevent it.
  5. Again :|
  6. It wasn’t so laggy and that was a good thing. If it keeps going like this people won’t complain about invis because i slide around. No infinite ammo was a plus aswell. Weren’t you streaming ren? Why not do that, save the video and point a timestamp so we can see my magnifficent invis, right?
  7. Why not make it like mpf(just listen I’m not kidding v:) where you need a certain rank to be able to buy weapons(not high tech shit, just laser rifles, flechette, strong rockets and the stuff below them). Doing the same for tanks should be better. Vanilla was so cool, if a team is stupid enough to lose a building they shouldn’t be able to buy stuff. Having a certain rank required to buy tanks would make it so you can’t just buy them as soon as air/wf gets blown up. Instead you’d have to repair/kill people and rank up then people would donate you so you can buy some. It should increase TP( unless you have A1game or w.e tf his name is. Ref was dead and dude had 2x our entire team’s money combined).
  8. leet
  9. More like an exploit rather than a glitch. I wonder, no one talked about this. What if we make hitsquads with jets and rails/pics and fill APCs then everyone comes out, shoots and goes back in then the APC fucks off LOL
  10. Water
  11. Everyone agrees with me shai :v
  12. We all know how hard it is to break through teched arties without jets. GDI will mostly use meds so there doesn't need to be that many snipers on Nod compared to GDI.
  13. Yes please but don't remove the snipers. Seriously snipers have such an important role in Ren, not just screwing around in tuns but killing off techs/hotties repairing stuff and being a nuisance towards arties/mlrs. You saw what happened in that Mesa game where nod stomped us with arties just because we couldn't kill them(cause techs).
  14. It can all become real if we take over :v Viva la Renolution!
  15. Pimp ramjet shooting ion cannons that instantly kill buildings Pls do Can't be worse than getting a pimp rocket launcher at the start of the game and own everything You guys should disable pimp drops and make the purchasable only. That way only people will craploads of money will afford them(pimp rocket is 8k)