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  1. i need the text thingy again for the kf1 servers...
  2. hay why am i always redownloading the maps for the kf2 servers?
  3. lol yes me and my baby <3
  4. mwaghahahah!!!! i will be joining kf2 with my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fear us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. wait your removing it? D: we will all die!!!!!!!!!!!!*flails!!!!!!!!!!!*
  6. im new to killing floor no i didnt know that......
  7. furhter more even if you cant the USMC support turret gets a reduced ammount form your sentry tech level aswell....thats whypeople will use it when using sentry tech....(like no one didnt noticed that) the drone could be moved to the medic slot and still get that reduced price for sentry tech and they will still be able to buy it..your not limited to just buying weapons and equipment in the perk you choose like COD and battlefield.
  8. it could be placed in both?...both could have it?
  9. i noticed that the sentry tech has a medic drone...but the field medic doesn't... wouldn't it make since to add a medical drone to the field medic section? since they are both healers it would improve the field medics usability in combat..and i think its a good idea to add the drone there as well......what does everyone else think?
  10. there he is!!! yaaaay!!!!....(i want my other 5 on sentry tech to btw or firebug....mmmm fire.....)
  11. my fiance is joining the site aswell
  12. SaoirseDrachen sentry tech
  13. sound sfamiler.....i dont remember all my names and yeah im old xD....(26) but old gamer.
  14. YAY IT WORKED! *hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
  15. i have been wanting to there an easier way to join killing floor servers instead of actually in the game...the favs are messed up i have to hunt for the one ren server i actually know of...and can never find any other good i know there used to be a program for there anything like that for KF?!?!?!