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  1. LOL as I expected. Ok so what would you like to happen. just get it out. I pm'd you to stop and you know it. so do you want to continue or just move on. I travel so I do not check these forums on the road. So do not think that because I did not reply in five minutes like you that I don't care. I will again be out of town. so you will have to wait for the answer till tomorrow afternoon sometime. But truly what is it that you want. I apologized. what else do you want?
  2. Ok Roboman I will respond. you got it mostly right. The fact that you continue to use She instead of he, tells a lot. and don't give me the I didn't know. lol. Jo is the female spelling and Joe is the male spelling. But I will let that go. You have it mostly right. You were throwing c4 timed on Manuel. I asked you to stop. You didn't in fact you thought it would be wise to circle me and shoot me with your shot gun. Yes at that time I called you a jackass and told you to go fuck with someone else. You could have done so but you decided to argue instead. this went on for far too long. so I dealt with you to move on. Yep that's right you are not snow white with bluebirds singing around you all innocent like. Yes I probably over responded and I apologize. But really we do come to play as well. I would have also done the same if you had done that to anyone but me as well. TH perhaps? so the next game on the next day I believe, you made a back handed comment and yes I told you to kiss my ass. Probably a bad thing to say. The next game GDI had more players than nod. I usually wait about ten minutes for it to even out for many reasons. One of those is team stacking. it evened out, then gdi was short and you asked to be changed rather than RTC. you said bad things about me when I didn't jump at your request. Part of it was I was playing and a bit busy. Yes I said that was funny that you give me crap every game but wanted a favor. Nod was ahead in points had I changed you any other players coming in would have gone to nod. It evened out as expected in the next few minutes which would have unbalanced it to NOD> So how do we proceed. I was probably having a tough day and really not in the mood to argue with someone doing something wrong. My apologies. As far as I am concerned we need to just move on from here, don't call me names and I won't call you names. If you decide to put c4 on someone do it to someone other than me. So sorry for the extra anxiety in your life but I think we need to move on. Thanks.
  3. Great Job all.