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  1. I agree with what Ice said. People get salty as hell and shit even I do it over Xbox Live in messages. Its almost like walking down a street and pushing someone cause you don't like what they're wearing, but behold, they're carrying a knife or gun. Now you regret what you did and they have the opportunity to kill you. Put that in Internet terms, rage at some kid, kid floods ip, kid thinks he cool. You're dead, virtually till you change ip's or he stops and doesn't have the money to fund this anymore. But like others have said, if it's an active attack against an old game in general, some serious power and money is being spent to erase the community. Is it just renegade or all our servers? Since I personally don't know how boxes work, I can't imagine changing the IP would be a good thing nor easy, but at the end of the day, what choice do you have? Being pushed off for months with sporadic times to being online? Anyway, I know people are attached to TS, it's home and its already installed. But when I say this, Discord is great! Sithis already got about 14 people in it, some not returning. However it would be great to setup a meeting in it some time, mods only or a room under a password with few normals knowing it. That is if anyone still wants to talk about it via open mic instead of text. By the way if the assholes doing this are reading this, hope your ass gets caught.
  2. Happy Birthdaay
  3. Thanks guys, I need to start getting active again.
  4. You know.. after looking at the updates. 2015 was not stellar as far as game updates. Very minimal stuff added or fixed.
  5. That is actually because they're spawn weapons. People who paid for a spawn weapon. As far as I know it's unfix-able.
  6. "Tears of Time are frozen in our eyes"

    1. SovietWolf


      Just like the reflection of KF2 on your machine.... its beautiful.

  7. The only old game I can't seem to get to work is Silent Hill 4, strange too since Silent Hill 2 works, I lost 3 awhile ago so I couldn't check that. Diablo II, Civ IV, Final Fantasy 7 & 8 (Non Steam), Metal Gear Solid (PS Port), Resident Evil 1/2/3. All Those work except Silent Hill 4 and I fucking love that game. It gives me a flickering screen of black and the actual game. Other than that I like Windows 10, even got TF2 to play right on it now.
  8. It's alright volcom, no matter the situation the members of rencorner had fun and it brought up light of having another event soon We had about 3 randoms? and one aimbotter who happened to know about rencorner.
  9. Weapons, possibly. As far as maps go, those ones aren't on the Big or Warzone server as far as I know. I do know some of those weapons were probably on the Test Server. In that post some people said something about 1-3 maps were added before and taken out. I think, just going off memory haha.
  10. As far as maps and weapons go, here is a list from a few months ago I compiled. http://rencorner.com/index.php/topic/6597-add-ons/ If you need people to test these then please, go ahead and ask.
  11. Well I've played with most people besides Ice, but yes count me in.
  12. Should be able to press F8 after bios on the blinking cursor. Should setup a recovery status for you. dw As far as pirating and all that jazz, if Microsoft is listening to me, let them. I'm just basically making Cortana my sex slave err.. workhorse. Anyway, I haven't noticed anything like that, I only really use or want to use Windows 10 as my streaming Windows. ​
  13. In honor of the Batman who got hit on the freeway today because of some asshow and how badass this animation is. plus Batman, cause he's badass.
  14. Me and & Rev are slightly active on RS3. We don't do RS07. I logged on the other day and did a few things. I haven't been active recently, installing windows 10 and messing with that along with streaming or getting my stuff set up. Plus I gotta put in a few games in Killing Floor and I've been loving me some Team Fortress 2.
  15. I guess mother nature thought she looked hot today.