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  1. please rejoin luca :)


  2. pixelmon is a mod for minecraft, adding pokemon, and o its not illegal.
  3. I've recently been trying really hard to download pixelmon. Im admittingly not tech savvy, no matter how hard i try but i really want to get pixelmon. Im just asking for someone to walk me through the process, because when following a youtube video i come across 5 problems, and have to watch 5 more tutorials. Thanks! -Luca
  4. thanks!
  5. Ty guys
  6. thanks! and congrats to everyone else
  7. Thanks!
  8. I dont know, i did apply for mod a while back, but now i reflect upon it. I really dont think applying for moderator is a good system. The best leaders are not chosen, but are brought up to the plate. Just my opinion
  9. Thanks dippy! I ended up downloading the newer client and got it working, but thanks for the help anyways!
  10. I was recommended an older version of teamspeak because my computer is not good enough to handle the latest one. Anyone by chance know where I can find an older version?
  11. :/ I shouldn't have been as dismissive. Sorry!
  12. Abo you are being unrealistic. The staff getting a permaban for telling you to be quiet repeatedly? Yes, orikit DID say that last one but we told him to knock it off. Stop acting so childish
  13. Congrats Jaj! real nice to have you here
  14. lol i punched him to see if he stopped, and he remained "pink" i think hes red? i also hope im not colorblind D: I relogged and he disappeared sniff* ;(
  15. wut?