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    Gravity gu-woah woahhhh-n

    make it so the gravity gun only works against the enemy, then maybe consider a price reduction. 40k atm is a good price becase it is such a big team hampering tool. I would vote NO to having it spawn in locations like the other pimp weapons
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    I say egg too, IMO not from evolution but from 2 different breeds of birds making out and creating the first ever chicken egg
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas
  4. dubstar

    Ingame polls

    I think it is worth turning them off for the simple fact that some people will sit in the server until the very end, be it 3 hours or 8 which in return populates the server. I have sat through 10 hours before and yes it is tedious but the server stayed with a decent player count throughout. If voting will not be considered for removal then at minimum I think the pass rate should be upped to 50% or more
  5. dubstar

    Ingame polls

    I do make use of polls occasionally just because they are available to us... in all honesty tho sudden death and end map are both server killers and not game savers so many times I have seen people who vote for these leave when the next map starts
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    Happy birthday shai
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    Renegade Christmas Public Fun War.

    both days are usually the busiest of the week with sunday pulling in a few extra players so I would vote for sunday too
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    need help with script

    This got sorted a while ago with the help of shai and am posting result incase anyone else wants to do similar coding on *:text:*:#channel:{ if (($1 == Name:) && ($3 == IP:) && ($5 == FDSID:) && ($7 == Host:)) { if ($right($4,11) == /msg $me $2 $4 monitored ip has joined the server if ($right($8,8) == host.com) /msg $me $2 $4 monitored host has joined the server if ($left($2,6) == player) /msg $me $2 $4 monitored name has joined the server } }
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    need help with script

    I need help with the code below. what I want to accomplish is having myself pm'd (in irc not game) when a monitored player joins from either ip, hostname or serial. each line in the script need to be treated as seperate instances as sometimes I monitor by ip, other times by host and sometimes by serial. on *:text:*hostname.com*:#channel:/msg $me someone connected from monitored host on *:text:**:#channel:/msg $me someone connected from monitored ip on *:text:*0000000000000000*:#channel:/msg $me someone connected from monitored serial the code above works and pm's me but I get flooded with pm's when anyone uses mod commands (i,e !check player) and this is what I don't want, I just want it to pm me on connection to the server. any help will be much appreciated. I only monitor suspects. pm if any mod related codes are used.
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    Renegade Christmas Public Fun War.

    yes mam... FurinKazan :D
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    File upload section for anticheat

    you were right it does look crappy lol, thought it may have helped with random crashes I was getting but it never so have removed them from my collection. still recommend people with a low spec system to try them out.
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    you neeeed Renegade