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  1. the best version for me to run was 4.0 patch 1 with no noticeable problems
  2. most veterans would have it whereas a building dies you lose the ability to purchase those items but as mentioned in a previous topic purchases are very popular among the players and it would probably be boring taking a step back now, playing vanilla mode etc is a chance to have some old skool fun once in a while, add it perm and it will kill the server. confusing the vet system would just annoy people and probably result in a few player losses too, if anything vet system should not affect the prices of items and just focus on the player upgrades like ap/hp & regen
  3. shells are awesome, more variety in field and more tanks to fight. we can buy endless amounts of weapons which forces people to stay inf = less tanks, having shells may not bring back the good old days but it will offer more fun when tanking.
  4. count me in
  5. windpipe
  6. glad i seen this before jumping on the server, I usually use sfps 100 when it drops... from now on will keep it @ 60
  7. Deep
  8. I enjoyed it :) pic/rail and pimp weapons were available loving the shells
  9. I'm game
  10. behind
  11. anatomy
  12. atlas
  13. may be 1 or 2 XP users still around but majority are win 7+ people are indirectly forced to upgrade nowadays... I was an avid XP user until all my favourite programs decided to update using the new architecture, even flash has trouble installing on XP now.
  14. burger
  15. Hollywood
  16. ok so I have a hard drive of gaming videos which me and the family recorded using shadowplay and I would like to upload them to my youtube channel but we want to cut out certain parts, add text, add slow motion etc and need a little help picking the right video editor, I have tried a few and am currently trying out OpenShot which seems to have the things I want but the transition effects are not so good. my question is what do you use to edit videos? also, would be cool if anyone knows how to compress these large files without too much quality loss (program, settings, filetype etc)
  17. upset
  18. actually have got used to OpenShot now, was just wondering what other people use. Movie Maker has changed so much over the years, I did like the old Movie Maker which came with XP... version 6, can get it for Win 7, tried it on my Win 8.1 and doesn''t want to install :(
  19. home
  20. bright
  21. Europe
  22. Great
  23. Mule