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  1. Does anyone know if the Reticle from the beta footage below is available for download anywhere?
  2. I didn't know this wasn't allowed until I re-read the rules. good call itai @WNxH3adSh00t you are a really good sniper, no need for you to be evading death.
  3. I tried to recreate it myself but sucked long time. would be great if you could get something similar :)
  4. have fun :) don't forget the pics
  5. looks like this game http://www.renegadeladder.com/game.php?game=20410078 should have been a rec for best K/D
  6. Updated list of current sounds playable on the Rencorner AOW server Click to reveal a whopping 572 sound triggers :)
  7. can this topic be merged into this one
  8. Try this Jigsaw puzzle and compete for best time... JUST FOR FUN!! Reg with your forum username or in-game name if possible to get on the scoreboard (no need for email address or any personal info to register just a username and password) PUZZLE: https://www.jigidi.com/created.php?id=34BCKMFB I completed it in 24 seconds (1st attempt) May the fastest hand win ;) Image used
  9. under best tank map
  10. Epic tank battles for sure :) med v med, arty v arty hehe To make the balance even better we could have maps which don't favor one side too much like volcano, tomb, complex, uphill etc... city flying would be a good nod v nod or gdi v gdi
  11. @He4dSh0t , cool idea using the players vet points to determine which weapons/vehicles they can buy with commands @shai , which of the following are forbidden? 1) jumping in & out quickly to repair the vehicle < this one is the main reason I ask because it is hard to mod especially when calling someone out and saying you can't repair your vehicle too quick lol 2) jumping in & out quickly to shoot with rail/pic 3) jumping in & out quickly to shoot with ramjet < this trick is only really threatening against infantry & light armored vehicles which have massive splash + power
  12. let Nod buy GDI vehicles+weapons and GDI buy Nod vehicles+weapons with commands AND disable the ability to buy vehicles if Air/WF is dead & disable the ability to buy weapons if Bar/Hon is dead. something like that would give more meaning to the game when a building is destroyed, also offers a bit fun for everyone with the ability to purchase opposite teams stuff.
  13. neat idea with the commands being able to change character and refund yourself were cool only played 1 map so didn't get to see all the commands available If you ever give this a go again; add no team hampering to the forbidden list all maps should be timed (around 20-30 mins) no god mode (was a bit OP/boring)
  14. hell no, 30 mins of arty shake and my heads pounding
  15. I agree rotating mrls should cost the same
  16. Have to say that I do/did enjoy using this technique but can also understand why we need to nerf it. yes, jumping out and repairing whilst a tank reloads is the same, it's not as effective (unless you have pimp repair) and best suited to mrls because of the longer reload, if you are quick enough then you can take on light tanks with med+hotty no problem. If there is any way to properly stop reloading of a vehicle when you are not in it and stop reloading of weapons when you are inside a vehicle then this would make a huge difference.
  17. Saurontwo suggested a few days ago that we could all have clowns with 1 life, GAMEMODE: Last Man Standing (wins for their team) This would be a good idea for Infantry only maps like sand, carnage club & haunted mansion. Would have to set up the maps with weapons spawning in more areas, also disable PT's & building damage. A racing map would be awesome Only problem I see with the above modes is people joining after they have started (maybe they could go into spectate mode automatically if they join after a race has started or after a minute of Last Man Standing starting) . Last Man Standing would be a quick'ish round so people in spectate mode won't have to wait too long & If there is to be more than one race on a racing map then the spectators join the next race. Aircraft on non flying maps would make a change, might be a good idea to disable beacons (expect many areas to be glitchable).
  18. IMO no rules is a bad idea, we can think of many alternatives for fun. #1) 100K credits when joining or playing new map (disable beacons to stop spamming) #2) 1st character is clown when joining or playing new map #3) fjords #4) epic crates (OP contents only, no crap items/surprises) #5) automatically blow up either [HON+Bar] or [Air+WF] when map loads (disble purchasable weapons and vehicles only if #1 is used in conjunction with this) #6) disable AGT and Obelisk #7) purchasable defence (limited to 1 per person, not able to place in tunnels or buildings)
  19. This would be the best way to tackle the situation Benefit would be a decrease in overall damage to enemy vehicles. People can still jump out and shoot BUT they will have to reload whilst outside the vehicle, cutting the damage per second drastically.
  20. Nod had a lot of team work organizing rushes but GDI camped us out with a wall of meds and picked off points to win the game lol mendoza rush was awesome :) gg
  21. much fun... thanks guys :) ggs looking forward to the next funwar (xmas?)
  22. count me in
  23. xD kudos to Lancer, all welcome on our Renegade server :) come join the FUN
  24. as the title says Killing Floor is FREE through humblebundle for a limited time https://www.humblebundle.com/store/killing-floor?hmb_campaign=killingfloor_freegame_2017&hmb_source=bundle_page&hmb_medium=banner_cross