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  1. goodluck
  2. lol there is a whole matrix conversion here https://downloads.cncfps.com/Renegade/Skins/matrixconv.zip Install at your own risk tho cus it changes everything on the maps (floor, sky, buildings, vehicles and infantry) kinda trippy and very green
  3. Nice ret rackz, can you upload it paint.net is good and has *.dds support built in
  4. I tried Reaver11's beta pack but it's not in there :( full of some awesome goodies tho so i'm glad you pointed to it xD thanks for the reticle rag :) i'm actually gonna stick with the one I made a while back, just trying to figure out how to make it glow like in the video at 0:47s, if anyone knows how to do it please do so on my reticle hd_reticle.dds hd_reticle_hit.dds
  5. nice nice nice
  6. awesome :) keep it boxed, ten years from now this would be a collectors dream.
  7. This is the first time I heard of them. little groot looks cool I used to collect coins too (old and foreign), also car badges, motor bike models and tank models.
  8. I didn't know this wasn't allowed until I re-read the rules. good call itai @WNxH3adSh00t you are a really good sniper, no need for you to be evading death.
  9. I tried to recreate it myself but sucked long time. would be great if you could get something similar :)
  10. Does anyone know if the Reticle from the beta footage below is available for download anywhere?
  11. have fun :) don't forget the pics
  12. looks like this game http://www.renegadeladder.com/game.php?game=20410078 should have been a rec for best K/D
  13. can this topic be merged into this one
  14. Updated list of current sounds playable on the Rencorner AOW server Click to reveal a whopping 572 sound triggers :)