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  1. Deep
  2. I enjoyed it :) pic/rail and pimp weapons were available loving the shells
  3. I'm game
  4. behind
  5. anatomy
  6. atlas
  7. may be 1 or 2 XP users still around but majority are win 7+ people are indirectly forced to upgrade nowadays... I was an avid XP user until all my favourite programs decided to update using the new architecture, even flash has trouble installing on XP now.
  8. burger
  9. Hollywood
  10. upset
  11. actually have got used to OpenShot now, was just wondering what other people use. Movie Maker has changed so much over the years, I did like the old Movie Maker which came with XP... version 6, can get it for Win 7, tried it on my Win 8.1 and doesn''t want to install :(
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  13. bright