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  1. nice nice nice
  2. awesome :) keep it boxed, ten years from now this would be a collectors dream.
  3. This is the first time I heard of them. little groot looks cool I used to collect coins too (old and foreign), also car badges, motor bike models and tank models.
  4. I didn't know this wasn't allowed until I re-read the rules. good call itai @WNxH3adSh00t you are a really good sniper, no need for you to be evading death.
  5. I tried to recreate it myself but sucked long time. would be great if you could get something similar :)
  6. Does anyone know if the Reticle from the beta footage below is available for download anywhere?
  7. have fun :) don't forget the pics
  8. looks like this game http://www.renegadeladder.com/game.php?game=20410078 should have been a rec for best K/D
  9. can this topic be merged into this one
  10. Updated list of current sounds playable on the Rencorner AOW server Click to reveal a whopping 572 sound triggers :)
  11. under best tank map
  12. Try this Jigsaw puzzle and compete for best time... JUST FOR FUN!! Reg with your forum username or in-game name if possible to get on the scoreboard (no need for email address or any personal info to register just a username and password) PUZZLE: https://www.jigidi.com/created.php?id=34BCKMFB I completed it in 24 seconds (1st attempt) May the fastest hand win ;) Image used
  13. Epic tank battles for sure :) med v med, arty v arty hehe To make the balance even better we could have maps which don't favor one side too much like volcano, tomb, complex, uphill etc... city flying would be a good nod v nod or gdi v gdi
  14. @He4dSh0t , cool idea using the players vet points to determine which weapons/vehicles they can buy with commands @shai , which of the following are forbidden? 1) jumping in & out quickly to repair the vehicle < this one is the main reason I ask because it is hard to mod especially when calling someone out and saying you can't repair your vehicle too quick lol 2) jumping in & out quickly to shoot with rail/pic 3) jumping in & out quickly to shoot with ramjet < this trick is only really threatening against infantry & light armored vehicles which have massive splash + power