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  1. dubstar

    Font issue

    I think this is the one, put it in Renegade/data folder font6x8.tga
  2. dubstar

    need help with script

    I need help with the code below. what I want to accomplish is having myself pm'd (in irc not game) when a monitored player joins from either ip, hostname or serial. each line in the script need to be treated as seperate instances as sometimes I monitor by ip, other times by host and sometimes by serial. on *:text:*hostname.com*:#channel:/msg $me someone connected from monitored host on *:text:**:#channel:/msg $me someone connected from monitored ip on *:text:*0000000000000000*:#channel:/msg $me someone connected from monitored serial the code above works and pm's me but I get flooded with pm's when anyone uses mod commands (i,e !check player) and this is what I don't want, I just want it to pm me on connection to the server. any help will be much appreciated. I only monitor suspects. pm if any mod related codes are used.
  3. dubstar

    File upload section for anticheat

    can I change my vote from !nosmoke to !smoke read the message too quick (If you want the "no smoke/better FPS" skin allowed, type in F2 or F3: !smoke / !noSmoke !smoke=want/!noSmoke=don't want) automatically thought !nosmoke was in favor of adding the FPSFix to anti-cheat doh so yeah I would like to see this allowed on the server, helps reduce the white smoke during camped battles and reduces flames from flame tank (which will help stop a lot fps lag for people).
  4. dubstar

    game download

    throws a few suggestions you may need VC++ runtime installed to run the TT updater. (think it is VC++2013) could be getting stuck when mixcheck.exe connects to download fixed maps, would need to check firewall or temporarily disable antivirus if you have one. I had a problem a few years back: after running TT update it would leave an update file inside Renegade's main directory, whenever I tried to launch the game it would try to initiate the update again and do nothing, to fix the problem I had to delete the file BUT I cannot remember the exact filename (__update___.exe or something). could use direct connect method \\ game.exe +connect +netplayername "SPARTAN" uninstall then reinstall / if it's from the download page then you only need the game.iso file
  5. dubstar

    Hack or feature?

    yeah freeaim is a must, most people set it to right click on mouse, default key is V as ehh said. kinda looks like snapping too when you let go of freeaim. while were on the V key, I highly recommend setting 'lock vehicle camera to turret' in the options else you gotta keep your finger on V while aiming with tanks which is a pain in the butt.
  6. dubstar

    Doubleshot Rule

    I like to doubleshot too but obvs can't because it is banned :(
  7. dubstar

    Hey Can i Know Why i Got Banned?

    you're not banned bedo I kicked someone who has the same serial as you. all is fixed now please rejoin the server
  8. dubstar

    What is your favourite TV series?

    The Walking Dead
  9. dubstar

    zunnie - The myth, the man, the legend.

    not at this time (from what I have read on other forums)
  10. dubstar

    zunnie - The myth, the man, the legend.

    full of ideas and creativity with a passion for renegade. he helped so many people over the years, always willing to spend hours/weeks and sometimes months teaching people how to mod renegade, I know for sure he will be missed Rest In Peace Zunnie
  11. dubstar


    nooo..... please don't totally remove wrecks and don't have them all turned on. IMO buggy, hummer, arty, mrls, light, med, orca and apache getting shells fit perfectly into the rencorner mod, we have backpacks so why not shells for some vehicles? at bare minimum wreckages should be on for the vehicles in bold
  12. dubstar

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    I second what Forit says about recon: leave them in crates and specific maps. atleast we still have a chance to get them also I reckon the gravity gun would have been just right for crates if it only worked on enemies
  13. dubstar

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    another downside to recon's on every map would be a rising trend of people losing so many to rushing with tech/hotty/sbh, recon ditching would take up the teams vehicle limit within time crate: player turns into a fully functional tiberium harvester
  14. dubstar

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    Recon Bike is very agile and can penetrate most bases pretty easily as it is, IMO the unfair advantage is Nod having sbh with nukes driving them
  15. dubstar

    Renegade Summer Fun War June 2018.

    will be there too :)