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  1. the best version for me to run was 4.0 patch 1 with no noticeable problems
  2. most veterans would have it whereas a building dies you lose the ability to purchase those items but as mentioned in a previous topic purchases are very popular among the players and it would probably be boring taking a step back now, playing vanilla mode etc is a chance to have some old skool fun once in a while, add it perm and it will kill the server. confusing the vet system would just annoy people and probably result in a few player losses too, if anything vet system should not affect the prices of items and just focus on the player upgrades like ap/hp & regen
  3. shells are awesome, more variety in field and more tanks to fight. we can buy endless amounts of weapons which forces people to stay inf = less tanks, having shells may not bring back the good old days but it will offer more fun when tanking.
  4. count me in
  5. windpipe
  6. glad i seen this before jumping on the server, I usually use sfps 100 when it drops... from now on will keep it @ 60
  7. Deep
  8. I enjoyed it :) pic/rail and pimp weapons were available loving the shells
  9. I'm game
  10. behind
  11. anatomy
  12. atlas
  13. may be 1 or 2 XP users still around but majority are win 7+ people are indirectly forced to upgrade nowadays... I was an avid XP user until all my favourite programs decided to update using the new architecture, even flash has trouble installing on XP now.