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  1. DGull

    Application for VIP

    Thanks I appreciate it so much
  2. DGull

    Application for VIP

    8) Why do you want VIP? also just to have fun as a VIP
  3. DGull

    Application for VIP

    1) What is your real name? David 2) What are you ingame character name(s)? Holmes 3) How old are you? 14 4) What country and region are you from? Central America 5) How long have you been playing terraria? About a year 6) How did you find our server? By reading reviews and it said rencorner was a good server so I checked it out. 7) How long have you been playing in it? For maybe a two or three months 8) Why do you want VIP? To be able to build a house and not get it destroyed.