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  1. I wish I could go on to the Terraria server, but I don't feel like changing versions for it ;-;

    1. Skilz


      Well guess you are not coming on the terraria server then =p

  2. I would've helped
  3. It has now been just over 1 year since I joined Rencorner.

    I love this community and everyone in it!




  4. Can't wait for 1.9 to come out!
  5. Welp back to the website. Haven't been on for 6-7 months. AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT I'M SORRY I FAILED YOU WEBSITE.

  7. How long does it take you to rank up from each of the ranks for Terraria? You should add that too so people know . I need to know so that I'm not too HYPED like I already am.
  8. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  9. Yes I did, a lot of different people griefed it a few hours or the day after I built it.
  10. Well technically, he was doing that >
  11. I came on this morning at 7:16 or so (Eastern Time Zone) and I found my Mob Farm was destroyed. It's in the VIP/Donator area. I have a screenshot too; but idk how to post it.
  12. If anyone tries to add me on skype, tell me first before sending a contact request or something! I keep getting random people trying to add me! It's kindof bothersome :l

  13. The player can be the Pacman or a Ghost, and there are Zombies Following Villagers which are chasing after the player and then another command block teleporting the villager ( now called the Ghost/Pacman ) a few blocks above it which is where you are walking...
  14. Thank you for posting this, I never noticed it, but thank you. I will act more responsibly next time (by that I mean I won't be mean and kick him or something).