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  1. Oh god no. We already had a poll (!niagra/!no_niagra) and no niagra won, hence it went out of the rotation. The players clearly stated that they didn't want it, so why even consider bringing it back. That's like saying "hey, let's add shotguns on engineers again even though a poll passed to remove them." No, just no, not only because it's awful, but because our players were quite clear about not wanting it in the rotation. Don't take me wrong, you can poll it again, but it doesn't makes much sense, couple months ago it went as "no we don't want it" and it's gonna be polled again in such short amount of time? But hey it's your call. Even though there are plenty of other maps that weren't polled as "no we dont want it" and that could be added, such as creekdale, siege (even if the reticle is glitched in that map for infantry in tunnels, vehicles do good in field), bridge, trees (I mean fjords) and many more.
  2. Lmao. This reminded me, Manu will remember. Back in DG times, we hosted a special day with no rules AND friendly fire, and a prize for whoever got mmm, most points over the whole day I think. That shit was hilarious, frustrating, fun, ridiculous, angering, entertaining, and funny at so many levels that we should just repeat it.
  3. Bout time. Well deserved without a doubt. Welcome to the club guys and keep doing such a good job in forums and ingame.
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. Why are all of you so much dramatic, I swear to everything you can swear, it's just a damn joke. You like it? Good. You don't? Then don't worry and move on with your life, and save your indignation/outrage for things way more important in life. People these days. You say "Hi" and they lose it.
  6. Lmao you guys seem to have lost your sense of humour. Stop moaning about a damn joke (or two).
  7. I'll vote yes (keep shotguns) as soon as I have some free time, work keeping me busy. Plus I'll get some players to vote yes as well, just to annoy you diehard shotgun haters. But what shai said, and up there has been said. We can start messing around with every single detail when we're the last server left. Until then man it up and learn to play ladies.
  8. AOW

    Thats because once an hour has passed, polls are available, and most times people spam polls until it goes through. Never understood why aow % triggering AND polls after 1 hour marathon games exist together. Should be one of them, but not both, since the only thing harmed is marathon mode. Or at least make polls available after 2 hours, since 1 hour games can't even be considered half marathon. It's more like an aow that took it's time.
  9. AOW

    I didn't attack anyone, yet, for the record. Not my fault that english has only one word to adress one person and many persons at the same time: you. When I said "It matters little to none who you were, who you are, the skill you had or the skill you have" I was refering to every single past, present and future player, not to Gumby.
  10. AOW

    And You might want to reread your post. What you despise is precisely what you've done. I'm nobody to tell you anything yet you came here in the middle of a debate that we were having saying that people who complain about aow have no skill and lack balls. Nobody is entitled to say that. And that's what I'm trying to make you and the people who live in the past learn. It matters little to none who you were, who you are, the skill you had or the skill you have. The only thing that matters is what players want and demand. Rest can live up in cw servers.
  11. AOW

    I always found funny when people that don't play ren anymore try to make their opinion more worthy than the one from people that do actually play the game, just because in the past they were somewhat average at aiming a tank and shooting. It's like when in Jelly people that didn't play the game anymore for years were making their suggestions go ahead while the players that actually were playing all days were demanding exactly the contrary, and managed to get nothing. Aow nowadays has nothing to do with skill. It all sums up in one word: whoring. The first team that manages to whore more wins. It's that simple. Takes no skill, no work, no coordination. Also, people that want marathon (and that actually play renegade) know how much fun an endless game can be, where waves of tanks come and go, where both teams win and lose the field, where rushes are coordinated and people try to sneak. Where a crate can change a game and where you don't have to be rushing everywhere, and can take your time to enjoy the map, because another reason people want more marathon is to enjoy more some maps. So to all those who live in the past of ancient reneglory days of aow and cws but that don't play ren anymore it's cool to have an opinion and sugestions, but unless 1: you actually play renegade on a daily basis, and 2: you're aware of what our current players want, it's better that you just stick to remember those ancient days and let the people that actually play decide what they want, without judging what's better or what kind of skill they have, since nobody here is entitled to say what renegade mode is better or what kind of skill people do have depending on what they like. You can say what you like (always), and what you'd like to change (only if you actually play). Value judgements are just a no go.
  12. AOW

    It's good to have aow (although I prefer marathon). Problem is (as I've said countless times and nobody paid attention) is that the damn aow timer not only triggers way too often (sometimes 2 or 3 times in a row), but also mixes up with maps that are aow by default (sand, under rxd, field), which ends up sometimes in a case scenario where of 7 maps you've played, 5 were aow and 2 marathon. And that's ridiculous. And that's why some people complain. And I can understand why. This was a marathon server that got the aow % triggering to please the aow lovers. Not an aow server that has a marathon map once in a while. That's their main point, and that's what's making more and more people complain about aow.
  13. Welcome back Rob. [E] squad reporting for duty. (Also, we all miss nortons).
  14. Problem is that sometimes 2-3 maps in a row are timed and happen to trigger the insane % of aow chance, and THEN, the fourth is one of those that is always timed (sand, field, under rxd, etc), which makes us mara lovers (there's also a lot, more than aow I'd say) ask when on earth we're gonna be able to play a map for more than 30 minutes without having to go rushing everywhere.
  15. In fact there's already a thread about removing carnage But yeah, those of us who are active enough have already seen that carnage is just killing the player count, making players go elsewhere. And it's not a matter or fixing pts, music, lowering time or w.e. Carnage is fun for a couple days, but not forever in a marathon server that goes aow more than it should be (that % should be lowered tbh, but that's another matter). When will it be gone? Who knows, but for the sake of having the server full more often, I hope (and I'm not the only one) that it happens soon.
  16. Yeah, so considering our playerbase is a solid one where we know each other quite well, we should just as mods spread the word between the players so they know and are aware that carnage will be in fact shorter and could end in half the time via a poll if they desire so, so they're aware about the mid game poll and dont leave as you say.
  17. Well just because we're all in for 15 minutes carnage, why not, some fun here and there, but after 15 minutes it just feels like "who am I, wtf am I doing here and with my life, I should tell my children and wife/husband I love them". It's just too much, hence the impromptu polling, because after 15 minutes players start to leave because they've had more than enough, and that's an obvious fact. Makes no sense to have 10 players happy with 30 minutes carnage if that means that the rest of the rotation is gonna run on a 5 vs 5 playercount just because the rest of the players left tired of carnage.
  18. Pretty much what Manu and dippy said. I voted yes for carnage, but after playing it a couple times, with the pts thing, the 30 minutes timer, the "let's all mine the whole map and spawn points" and seeing how it sometimes depletes the server, honestly, it's tiring more than entertaining, and had I known I would've voted no. With that said, if there's still more people liking it than disliking it, it's something to respect. So just let whoever likes it play those 30 minutes then come back when the map is over. Believe me, it's better to spend those 30 minutes doing something else that you enjoy rather than playing a map that you just dislike. And at the same time you allow those who like carnage to have fun. So everyone wins.
  19. I'd like to remind that despite all the gaming, this is still a forum, and the standard forum rules apply here like in every other single forum. So chris, from now on, if you have nothing interesting to contribute with, if you're not gonna help, or you're just not gonna stick to the essence of the topic, you'd do well refraining yourself from spamming or posting trolling nonsenses on non-spam sections. Unless of course your goal is to get your post removed or that you dream of unlocking the rare achievement "All my posts need mod approval". If that's your goal just go ahead. If not, be a little bit more serious and don't spam into other people's posts, especially when it's about a member having some kind of problem/issue. That is all. I hope my point was clear.
  20. Fucking dying here hahahahaha. I'll post when I can actually stop. Best thread ever. And dont worry about the double n, people used to call me Deli 'til they actually managed to read so lmao.
  21. Lmao, that thread was massively hijacked by Xpert, Scruff and Ethenal on one side about the code and lag issues and on another side by the rest just laughing here and there. Not even a decent cheat accusation topic. Wouldn't put that on my sign even if I had to. It's embarrassing for a sniper.
  22. It's always funny when all these people say "snipers won't do anything if you get a tank" or "snipers wont win games", yet so far I've managed to own with a sniper every single of all these guys that were driving a tank. Say Gozy when he says snipers wont kill you in a tank (dont get mad Gozy, just putting you as an example :P), say you yesterday when you lost your reps, your med and your hottie to my sakura. Know something, most snipers might not be good at much, but give a rep gun, a jet and a rail to some of us (take Jesse, take Evie, take Anubis, take HaTe, take YKZ, take Billa or hell even me) and you wont break through no matter how many tanks you toss at us.
  23. Lol yeah I've had that a couple times. One time many years ago, on an under game, a guy managed to put a mine I have no idea how on top of my jet, in such a way that no matter how or where I aimed, I'd end up hitting the mine. Which damaged me each time that I'd shoot, so of course it was funny being on top of the hill as a sakura killing myself with my own jet. Priceless.
  24. Statues and empires are all at your hands.
  25. My name is revenge and I’m here to save my name.