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  1. wow happy birthday you crazy man
  2. just bring back arty screen shake.
  3. i always use Page Up in the beginning especially in Field and when Evie is ingame <3
  4. hahahaha mass very nice though
  5. thx joe :p we have almost reached the goal!
  6. dude wtf are you trying to bs us get your story straight, choose if it's a good server or not! choose if you want to stay or leave! JUST CHOOSE ALREADY
  7. Yes! And the sooner the better!!
  8. fuck it bring back mudkips and devitto
  9. Hey it's my first donation, sure it won't be the last <3
  10. Hi fellas i'm back after absence of more than 3 months or some, been busy at some business troubles abroad. hope there's still room for me here have a nice day :D
  11. I'm sorry for your bad experience I hope whoever you ment is reading and taking a note to himself have a good day sir
  12. what did i just read?
  13. I'm glad to hear you're safe, but don't count on your government to do something against it, they will bite their lips and try to get used to the fact the muslims will react to whatever they think the government is doing something that offense them. wake up Europe
  14. Squads or ban
  15. My mother in law and leaving her there