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  1. fridge ? :D
  2. replace number 3. with "As there are very few players left, banning has more consequences now" this discussion is annoying. 1. Creeds !kill was bs 2. h3ads reaction was ..em ... uncool (coughcough) - and inappropriate 3. a discussion about mods or modding leads nowhere - never did ( there r good ones and rlly bad ones) 4. beeing a mod is like beeing a judge - Question: can a judge make a descission that will satisfy both parties ? - i dont think so. Or its very rare this whole thing should be closed now
  3. i just do a right click on any *.scr file and install it.
  4. iirc there was a vanilladay project ónce a week back in the days here. I don´t know what happened to it or if it worked or not. Or maybe someone just forgot to set up the server for this :D different suggestion: All the players that are left have different histories playing Renegade and all of us had a favorite server. Why not something like a memorial day once a week for the passed away servers with the last server settings they had. "noobstories memorial day" , "jelly memorial day" or something like that - maybe atomix if u want - doesn´t matter. I also would rename the server for that day. Im curious what happens if the players out there read those names at the server list (renlist). I'm sure raven would do that job with pleasure (OK - maybe)
  5. if someone is still looking for a download link with various reticles - here is one https://downloads.cncfps.com/Renegade/Skins/HUD/Reticles/
  6. i also fooled around with your reticle. I tried to found out if there is a way that the reticle flashes if u aim for something. I dont think its possble. The only working method is to set the transparency between 10 and 20 %. thats what i did. hd_reticle.dds
  7. i have an idea. im working on it
  8. i made one hd_reticle_hit.dds hd_reticle.dds
  9. yep - it feels like ren now :)
  10. set it to 1 min pls ;)
  11. best of luck for you both - shit
  12. i just left with that comment: [18:51:23] [Team] ragnaroec: i come back on wednesday - bs
  13. Woohoo. Great. I would like to have that between 18:00 and 21:00 GMT + 1.
  14. http://icecat.fr/en_in/p/asus/r753ux-t4024t/notebooks-R753UX-T4024T-33270492.html This one should be suitable. Maybe there is one out there with faster graphics memory GDDR5 - not 3 and a GTX 960 card. I found this one here in a market for 980 €. edit: I also found this one Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition Gaming Notebook VN7-592G-71JF Core i7-6700HQ 16GB 1TB +256GB SSD GTX 960M Full HD IPS Win 10 It has the GTX960 and the faster DDR5. I found it for 1030 € here.
  15. How can u be sure about that ? Maybe i missed a ingame poll or something. my time to play that game is really limited and if i have a little time, i check whats the current map and if all buildings r up before i join the server. I never play Sand or Creekdale for example and now, since pimps r buyable, im trying to avoid playing rxd maps too. not much left to join what i prefere to play - sad. this is just my situation and i know that im not the majority :D
  16. ur sure ?
  17. for those who like limited ammo or similar things - why dont we add a vanilla mod map to the rotation ? no donations, standard veh-limit ( i think it was 8), no pickups ....... etc. could be fun as hell :D
  18. we need a pimped weapon limit not limited ammo
  19. ok - from now on i will use the pt only from inside a building :D
  20. glad i could help
  21. did u try this ? http://broadbandnow.com/New-Hampshire enter your zip code
  22. lmao - may the force be with you can we get rid of !weapon and/or !tank the same way ? :D
  23. im doing my best since saturday. on mobile or at home with my dynamic ip feature. Im not really far from Nuernberg.
  24. congrats
  25. voted twice. you r 60 behind now. You should organize a ren-lan-party at your location including free beer. Invite the mpf´s also and post that link on their forums. But i doubt that there are 60 ppl anyway