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  2. Nurse
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  9. Trees
  10. lol ... as exspected. It´s a shame that the good players ignore u. <3
  11. @n00b31 didn´t you record a buggy race on "walls" round the hill ? @ehh can´t remember that you asked me, but if u ever see a "deadbrain" ingame - that´s me ;)
  12. That was quite obvious :D
  13. seriously - this map would be fun. I just dont want to play it daily ;) P.s. : we bought 3 Pumpkins yesterday and 2 of them are actually sleeping in our bed O.o - my son in the middle
  14. the reason why i knew that there is a mpf banner somwhere on that map is that my son asked me :" hey what´s written there ?" (he can´t read -he is 5) I aswered:"nothing rlly importend" that was 3 weeks ago. I let him play all the other maps out there wihout bots, so he can destroy some buildings and shoot around with various weapons , driving/flying tanks/helis. But he still wants me to play this fucking map daily for watching me playin. Maybe because he likes pumpkins lol :D. I removed that sign/banner one week ago because i just dont like it ;)
  15. i had both maps already in my data folder. i cant remember when i downloaded them or in wich mappack they where included, but that Halloween map (Halloween_2014_b1) has this MPF brand as a sign somewhere on the map. "MPF Games . haunted House . enter if u dare . " ????