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  1. yep - it feels like ren now :)
  2. set it to 1 min pls ;)
  3. best of luck for you both - shit
  4. i just left with that comment: [18:51:23] [Team] ragnaroec: i come back on wednesday - bs
  5. Woohoo. Great. I would like to have that between 18:00 and 21:00 GMT + 1.
  6. http://icecat.fr/en_in/p/asus/r753ux-t4024t/notebooks-R753UX-T4024T-33270492.html This one should be suitable. Maybe there is one out there with faster graphics memory GDDR5 - not 3 and a GTX 960 card. I found this one here in a market for 980 €. edit: I also found this one Acer Aspire V Nitro Black Edition Gaming Notebook VN7-592G-71JF Core i7-6700HQ 16GB 1TB +256GB SSD GTX 960M Full HD IPS Win 10 It has the GTX960 and the faster DDR5. I found it for 1030 € here.
  7. How can u be sure about that ? Maybe i missed a ingame poll or something. my time to play that game is really limited and if i have a little time, i check whats the current map and if all buildings r up before i join the server. I never play Sand or Creekdale for example and now, since pimps r buyable, im trying to avoid playing rxd maps too. not much left to join what i prefere to play - sad. this is just my situation and i know that im not the majority :D
  8. ur sure ?
  9. for those who like limited ammo or similar things - why dont we add a vanilla mod map to the rotation ? no donations, standard veh-limit ( i think it was 8), no pickups ....... etc. could be fun as hell :D
  10. we need a pimped weapon limit not limited ammo
  11. ok - from now on i will use the pt only from inside a building :D
  12. glad i could help
  13. did u try this ? http://broadbandnow.com/New-Hampshire enter your zip code
  14. lmao - may the force be with you can we get rid of !weapon and/or !tank the same way ? :D
  15. im doing my best since saturday. on mobile or at home with my dynamic ip feature. Im not really far from Nuernberg.