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  1. as in with this great new site and renewed community. re: empathy, i feel sorry that it was necessary for you guys to start the community again with having to justify it's demise and subsequent reincarnation. not having a go
  2. pretty gay to still have to be posting about the fall-out. regardless, congratulations guys on surviving and moving forward. you've all done extremely well in working so hard to make it possible and you should be proud. i wish you all luck for the future of the server.n.b. the place looks awesome!
  3. tbh, i do agree that the only thing that caused jelly to dominate was listening to leaders. i'm an average player with zero organised matches under my belt, but thanks to the people leading our team, and the less skilled (but more intelligent) players in support roles, i was able to have a sizeable impact.we had guys telling the team which specific tank to focus on when defending against a rush, which is a pretty basic tactic, but absolutely everyone complied and that's why RC rarely hit a building or took the field. i spent the first half of city_fly defending the bridge but i knew exactly what was happening everywhere on the map, because every single play was vocalised. ggs indeed, and i hope to be playing a smarter RC team in the near future!
  4. from what i can tell, not many people playing for RC really gave two shits; some seemed to just be there to actively disrupt the whole war. and it appears as though there was some in-fighting at a senior level.again, i was pretty impressed with the jelly crowd. there was a group of very experienced competitive players calling the game, senior server regulars who play together regularly and know each others play styles that were sticking together elsewhere, and some very patient server regulars who played excellent support roles.somehow a really cohesive team was formed, and i can't really think of any examples where people were bitching and arguing.
  5. well that's what i'm saying; jelly had less on paper, but we had more numbers and more active players. probably better players across the board too. you guys spent a lot of time planning this and practising, and having smaller more official teams might reward that.i actually saw like 3 patches for RC on volcano lol. wtf.
  6. tbh there were a lot of players whom I would describe as 'neutral' playing for both sides. whilst it appears that jelly ended up with the better ones, perhaps restricting the matches to a certain player count and/or making sign up mandatory would help ease the disparity. might keep crush's sanity in tact too
  7. fuck you guys you broke crushy! 8 vehicles is simply not enough for a game that size. Needed to be 12 tbh, which would've helped buffer any useless weirdos who weren't paying attention to the team strategy.
  8. I thought city-fly was a really good game tbh. thanks for hosting us guys, and a very big thank you for accommodating our communications needs when Jelly's TS shit the bed. have to admit it was a great turnout.
  10. HHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGG!!setjoin !disablesounds
  11. nah jelly's are ordered; we have an overall win/loss, and then a small/large division too...tbh i don't think having starting credits is an important part of making rencorner 'unique', when you guys have the veteran system in place, the !buy command, the sound commands far as the 'donate' argument goes, forcing GDI to rely on donations and teamwork when Nod simply has to defend for 40 seconds before steamrolling with arts doesn't sound fair to me. It costs GDI 1950 credits + 4 players in agreement to co-ordinate donations for 2 meds and a hotwire. It costs Nod less to get any combination of 4 arts/3 arts and 1 tech/2 teched arts. The results could be extrapolated pretty accurately from there i reckon lol.
  12. Congratulations guys, a well deserved anniversary. A lot of hard work has gone into this community and it shows; i'm glad to be a part of such a diverse group of remaining communities.Now just fuck those in-game sounds off u big jakas' so i can come play with you guys and not ragequit every 5 seconds!
  13. Haha yeah I think we'll be pretty rusty too...should be good fun.
  14. The infamous 'Sparta' series? i don't believe there have been any screenshots/videos/enormous long-winded threads about it.Either way it doesn't matter, no matter how long it took i'm glad to see that RC got their shit together to a high standard. Hopefully we will actually be able to sustain a good comm-wars culture into the future.Though i wanted to see Jelly vs. RC, it also appears that MPF are the ones that need practice, and if playing Jelly again helps them become a better team so that the 3 communities can remain competetive with eachother, then that's a fine idea.
  15. I wasn't trying to be mean :(I know we're talking about it, but i just didn't want RC to be expecting a game really soon when we're still trying to sort everything out is all!