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    Umm... Breathing, Sleeping, Rencorner, Building, Dressing my Cat Up In Doll Clothes... lol

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About Me


I Like Any Animal

I Hate When There Are Spiders In The Bathroom. Get Your Own House, Spiders... -.-

My Favorite Sport Is Sleeping

My Favorite Thing In School Is Lunch/Recess

My Least Favorite Things Are Waking Up For School, Bugs and Being Sick

My Favorite Thing Being Around My Friends and Family

My Favorite Color is Pink, White And Turquoise

My Favorite Flowers Are Tulips And Roses

My Favorite Foods Are Spaghetti, Chinese Food and Ice cream

My Favorite Ice cream Flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip


Well, those are a few things about me!!! Bye:LOLOL: