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  1. Get Dat Emerald!
  2. This wasen't even for Admin attention! Is it and the cheater file? NOOOO! XD
  3. Not even related.....
  4. Bro. He's been talked to. XD
  5. XD, this isn't a admin situation. He has already been called out on it. XD
  6. Hello, Mr.SwaggerUnit. It has been my sad duty to do this. According to Public Sources, you griefed a fellow member of the "Emerald Community". It has not been confirmed, where, you griefed, however, you did greif a member of the Community. As like an actual eviction, well, somewhat, you will not be able to use or live in any buildings of the Emerald Community. Due to the land your house is own, we will be tearing down your house. Me and ShadowPawOfLove worked very hard on it but we can make better houses on your land. If a "Sheriff" AKA "Admin" gets on, you may experience the following: Loss of Items No house No /home No access ---------------------------------------------- It has been a honor to give you a home But now, that honor is gone. With all due Respect, Emerald.
  7. This isn't a problem, however I noticed I could join TS using IRC. Great!
  8. Well said.
  9. Feeling like a bum.....

  10. And stop saying i act like i own the place! Get me some evidence that i do and then i will fix my attitude. And totally, i can totally ban people and tell people off, totally! XD. My only problems with anybody in this community is Flaming.
  11. XD. I will say, thats a legit statement. But most of that is wrong, he didnt show, must of what i thought was important. Hey, if you think i got a "i own the place" attitude, tell it to my face, cause thats not my attitude at all. XD. I did indeed take Shadows name in IRC but i just started get into it and i did it as a joke, and of course, i did apologize and we are on good terms. And if you say, that i should not of treated fury, like that, from all your perspectives, thats completely fine with me. XD. Of course, he kept saying i had no right to speak my mind, which i do, but what i said was rude, but i did say he had no right to push his status. And i'm not just going on that one post, i'm going amongst other things.... Listen, i have no problem with Flaming himself, because of course, we did say no hard feelings, but i think that most of you, are depending on the fact, that, basically, im new, and i dont have my facts. Flaming is somewhat mature and i just don't like him as a mod. Say and feel what you want cause that is the rights you all have. Here are the pictures i have, if the very much busy owners want's final world, then fine. But uh joe, love that comment. Website:,CNE8yMB,g3eTYlV,mGz96ek
  12. #EmeraldGroup
  13. :DDD.Glad I PM'd you vol... :DDD P.S I'm gonna see if I can get a PayPal set up for today
  14. XD. No. Its a major want. But per say, I was demanding, maybe a little extra in for per say does it
  15. Thanks