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  1. Danke fürs Antworten,dann lassen wirs ebend.
  2. Why is there still so much Salt in this Game which is nearly dead, i dont get it, why cant you Guys all just get along with each other..
  3. clark fucking dick
  4. Bratwurstbratgerät
  5. Racist.
  6. Picsa or it didnt happen.
  7. 9/11 never forget - 11/9 always regret
  8. 2016, only 50 PPl still play this Game and the Com is still toxic like LoL or Dota, awesome,how i dont miss that.
  9. You are a masterpiece and a shining star in representing this Community Trist. Sadly there isnt anymore Activity to justify your Behaviour, but hey,whatever suits you and RC. ^^
  10. Thats a lame Satement tbh, good Luck in moderating this in a fair and transparent way, the amount of Players playing Renegade has dropped to around ~50-60 max, if u pull up shit like this even more will either stop playing like me or switch to the other Server. I dont get why you make it so hard for yourself to keep the last Players active until it bleeds completely out, forcing them on following more *Rules* and maybe accidently removing them for playing the way they played for years will not keep them on the servers. You dont have a tons of new Players coming back once u lost those u wrongfully kicked. Its just my opinion but as Mikey said earlier, play and let play to sum it up.
  11. No Cheat, common knowledge/trick, always been allowed.
  12. Shush ur Peehole! Im no balhaar! :>
  13. 19 Uhr abends am Samstag für uns?
  14. *LAG SHOTS* .... ^^
  15. He is doing it on purpose since Years, so he deserved that, otherwise he wont learn his lesson.