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  1. sydney59521

    New donation from sydney59521

    1v1 coop, my aim sucks now ever since 4.6 :')
  2. sydney59521

    New donation from sydney59521

    noeproblemo noebas
  3. sydney59521

    Renegade Videos

    can i join Os, i know how to cheat
  4. sydney59521

    The One

    how do you snipe hand of nod?
  5. sydney59521

    invis hugging wnxm3

    better late than never m888888888888888888888888888
  6. sydney59521

    invis hugging wnxm3

    well tbh the AGT didnt shoot at whoever is hugging that corner up there, kinda invis glitching since I got banned numerous times for the same thing lololololoololololl
  7. sydney59521

    Replace Sand with another Map

    wtf let me snape
  8. sydney59521

    So who is bio-gridloc

    noobs stfu and go invis
  9. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhappy holidaysnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  10. sydney59521

    U-key doesn't work

    does n still work?
  11. sydney59521

    Several good games lately

    wats rong with sniper fest
  12. sydney59521


    lol its amusing though
  13. sydney59521

    !donate request

    It's the year 2087 I pop on my quantum computer, it reads my thoughts before I even need to do anything and initiates Renlist TT v69.420. Rencorner remains the last server on an archaic game known to many as C&C shotgun wars. I join the server in less than a fraction of a second, server requests a complete scan of my computer for malicious gaming software that will automatically shoot targets. Search right ahead moderators I thought, you can't possibly find anything on this module. *ERROR* AUTO RIFLE MODEL DETECTED, SERVER IS CURRENTLY USING SHOTGUN WARS V324, NO OTHER WEAPON MODELS ALLOWED. Oh for fucks sake, I forgot to delete those files after playing single player, fear not the server automatically quarantines the file and spawns me in a brand new game. Looks like GDI won the last map by destroying the enemy nexus with the shotgun, Let's see if I can win with my team on this 5 minute limited C&C shotgun islands RxD. I run to the tunnel with havoc, the shotgunner, and encountered three Nod shotgunners randomly shooting and getting multiple kills per shot. With my enhanced anti buckshot armor, I should be able to withstand at least 1 shot. I immediately 720 no scope the ground for some quick kills. Shotgunrenity Tripple kill. "wtf cheter pig" said the other players as they died 100 meters away from my shots. Lmao, noobs never understand how to properly use the shotgun. I rush to the enemy base with my two teammates, rambo6 and stanislav5, they both have donated money to the server to use the command !madramjet. What is this, 2015? Only noobs use ramjets, shotguns are the new OP, they immediately get gunned down by a shotgunner from the enemy refinery as we are making it into the hand of nod. Serves you right for not having a shotgun, the passive armor upgrades are legit, noebas. I shoot through the wall right into the nexus and disable the building, Nod can no longer buy the nine different shotgunners, victory is almost at hand (haha hand of nod joke), I jump onto the airstrip tarmac and shoot the ground to kill the building immediately, to my surprise the bullets killed three other nod players, they collectively groan while respawning as a nod shotgunner. At this point I messaged my team to shoot the refinery from our base with the shotgun, the game ends in three minutes and twenty seconds with our team securing the victory. I log off feeling satisfied and return to my homework. 9:20PM: Shotgunrenity joined the game playing on GDI. 9:23PM: Shotgunrenity: gg noebas 9:23PM: Shotgunrenity has left the game.
  14. sydney59521

    Thing that really piss me off.

    at least you can kill snipers, how 2 take down apcs with basic inf effectively?
  15. sydney59521

    Blue Jays!

    joeyyyyyy bauuutistaaaa