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  1. 2v2 me and trist vs anthrax and his ego
  2. fucking 15 years later and people still cant do proper time zone conversions -_- Whatever time is claimed to be your zone just show up an hour earlier than that cause odds are you or someone else fucked up
  3. Have there ever been any good snipers in this game!? everyone is a freaking cheater and I wish after what 14 years now everyone would just admit they are using cheats
  4. On a full serious note squads shouldn't be allowed in under 10 player count. Simple as that. Now for the story when the server count is 10 its probably 3 out of 5 people on 1 team that are on a squad who actually know what they are doing vs 4 random idiots and Jez on the other team. So his team probably lost a building in the first 30 seconds then 2 of his random idiots left the game and it became a 3 vs 5 for his team. n00bstories TS stacker flashbacks all over again!
  5. My bad I didn't clarify properly. I knew Jez was active in rencorner. Wimm666 was a guy who lived in n00bstories and just sat in an arty and would point whore 10,000 points every game. Have not seen him since lol and roy became a legend in Jelly for having 30 deaths but managed to kill a building with a tech/hotwire. jjjbagoose is just god
  6. im a rene legend like jjjbagoose, jez636363, wimm666, roy, and many other legends that people at rencorner might not have heard of
  7. People just never grow up One day they will just stop writing up complaints and just enjoy the game. Every little thing needs to be blown out of proportion and people cant just get over themselves in game and just move on to the next map and start fresh
  8. Some people don't care either way. Its not that they don't know how to play it.
  9. Would have been easier if I didn't go to the wrong side, and you split up away from me and disappeared in the middle somewhere. But I meant it when I said we got this Just need to believe and listen to your heart. Think I won every game Oh and you need to have better TS moments than that so stand by my side soldier and you shall experience many more great moments. We were only on same team once I think out of all the games
  10. which turned into 3 players getting banned? and probably split between OSTK and Rencorner which was a stabilizing factor in server population was that community sense. Sounds like good fun to me! Lets "break out the popcorn" as everyone else with a worthless posted in this topic
  11. RIP How was this topic not locked with the post of everyone not relevant to the issue deleted? Mods/admins responding to the actual topic should only be allowed to post and zephryn Delusional posted we are looking into the situation so end it there (anything being discussed should be in Moderator forums/irc or on TeamSpeak). Anyone who doesn't belong posting their opinions (Guard and Gumby for example, few others like Nudle) should have had their post deleted from what I saw on the first page. Then it turned into everyone posting shit not relevant Once issue was resolved this topic should be locked which is still isn't. Ive been away for a few days working a lot. Glad I missed this
  12. click extract files and put in data folder
  13. Bunkers is better map than niagra
  14. My point of tunnel beacon was killing ref. Promotes teamwork, gives purpose to snipers in rencorner (and because everyone has a ramjet or railgun in rencorner allowing ref tunnel beacon seems more fitting since nobody puts tanks in the field). Makes for an epic finish as pyro's video shows. I don't think anyone gives a fu*k that they can beacon in the tunnel if it doesn't hit anything!?