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  1. Gravity gun!!!
  2. Oh, I see... Why I didnt know about that? And why he didn't give link to that video even if I asked him (or perhaps I was too busy uploading the video)...
  3. True, it's hard to capture a video about that kind of cheater when whole GDI is searching for SBHs. But why he did that same many times for many ppl? First ramjet and then volt after 1-2 seconds. I tried to ask him that if he wants to sell his cheat but he told me that its free at youtube (lol) and it's not a program(??). I thought he was good player...
  4. Yeah, but that wasn't first time in that game he started shooting me far away with ramjet/volt. He also did that to other ppl like Forithow and Fabregas. I also asked him about a cheat and he didnt deny it...
  5. Shorty|S2 is seeing SBHs far away with some kind of cheat: Video
  6. They told me years ago that this isn't allowed...
  7. I'm in too..