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  1. CAPT.JACKOFF at 0:02!!
  2. I remember you! Welcome to Rencorner :)
  3. I'm Locking this.
  4. Thx Gozy!
  5. Thanks man!
  6. It’s down this month because we had some money left over from last month
  7. Where do you get all this money from? :p Thanks!
  8. Thank you!
  9. Thanks bud!
  10. Also for the record, when I looked at the logs, OSTKGeeti was complaining couple times that you (wnxheadsh00t) was invisi hugging.
  11. From those logs alone, it looks like creed shouldn't of !killed you. But lets hear @creed3020 side of the story. Until then, clam ur tits.
  12. Why you spoiling bruh
  13. You both have some valid points here.. and I agree. I think the !weaps should be doubled or even tripled when Hon/Bar dies. If WF/Air dies, the med/light cost x3 amount so It should be about the same x2 or x3 amount for all the !weapons when Hon/Bar dies. So if PP dies: !weapons already cost x2. If Hon/Bar dies: !weapons should cost x2 as well. If PP is dead and Hon/Bar: !weapons should cost x3.
  14. [21:32:04] (&RCAOW) [Team] iB-yellwi: !poll nextmap Mars It was yellwi who did it xD I actually like that map. Only thing that I'm worried about is that it might kill the server.
  15. What a dumbnut. #praying for the victims.
  16. I believe we have $184 left over for next month.
  17. #skills
  18. Thanks Ice!
  19. Vultima! Long time no see! Thx for the donation!
  20. Thanks!
  21. Thanks Joe!
  22. Thanks!
  23. I'll see what I can do when I come home tonight from my trip.
  24. It's in the server rules in the renegade section. We all need to try to cool it with the name calling. It's not making the situation any better.
  25. the title of this topic is clear xD