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  1. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Joe!
  3. Thanks!
  4. I'll see what I can do when I come home tonight from my trip.
  5. It's in the server rules in the renegade section. We all need to try to cool it with the name calling. It's not making the situation any better.
  6. the title of this topic is clear xD
  7. never xD
  8. Pic/rail +vech meaning you get out for a sec and shoot with pic/rail and get back in and shoot with tank and the pic/rail auto reloads. We have that against the rules for the last month I think. It's too overpowered (tho I didn't really mind). apples shouldn't of jumped the gun that fast and 24 hour ban you since this is a new rule and some people haven't been around for a while like you for example. Warn couple times explaining about the new rule, etc should be the right approach. apples is a half moderator after all meaning he's still learning. Bashing him doesn't solve anything. Edit: I've allowed you back to the server.
  9. idc about being #1 overall, haha. #2 or #3 sound good for me.
  10. You gotta buzz @BigWrench
  11. Blacky has been pretty busy the last few weeks working on the server. He will reply here when he has time. Please be patient.
  12. Thank you Sotaar!
  13. LOL! Saw that Live on TV the other day xD But in all seriousness, thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Florida!
  14. I only had to download Field, lol. Edit: It's making me download Glacier now at 401 mb size lol.
  15. I think it's that lol. Or it's prolly blacky updating stuff.