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  1. Happy Birthday!! :D
  2. Thanks!
  3. Accepted. I will pm you shortly with more details! Welcome to the team!
  4. Accepted. I will pm you shortly with more details! Welcome to the team!
  5. I think the 2nd one is the first Command and Conquer game that was released way back in 1995.
  6. Lol I meant 10.
  7. Thanks bud.
  8. Thank you!
  9. STFU Happy Birthday!
  10. STFU
  11. This is our new rotation: Note: There will be some tweaks to the rotation as days go by. Our plan was to add hourglass_rxd flying and some other rxd maps once its ready to go. [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: The map rotation includes: [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: [Field_RxD] Islands Mars Mesa [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Volcano_Flying BunkersTS Under_RxD Bio [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Snow_RxD Glacier_Flying Canyon Complex [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Niagra Tomb Walls Field [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Islands_RxD Uphill_RxD Under Canyon_RxD [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Volcano City_Flying Complex Walls_Flying Maps removed: Sand, Volcano_RxD, Hourglass, and MetroTS, Maps added: Volcano_flying, BunkersTS, Niagra, and Mars. Lets see how it rolls out.
  12. We will be adding a different version of hourglass to the rotation once its ready.
  13. shut up feg.
  14. Sorry the rxd will stay.