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  1. does not count since i was not notified of a test ahead of time try again good sir
  2. #Vote for Theilsomers, KF Head Admin
  3. i didn't even play on the server no one was on
  4. Will be streaming ARK: Survival Evolved tomorrow at 8pm central time hope to see you there whether on the server or the stream... even more so you shai
  5. thank you all to showed up to the stream hope to see you tomorrow at 8pm central when i stream ARK: Survival Evolved
  6. live stream starting hope you can make it either onto the server or the stream would love to see you there
  7. you got time ice doesn't start for another 3 hours
  8. any one that will have players in it
  9. 4 hours till live stream hoping some tf2 players will get on and help
  10. december 3rd at 8pm central i would like to do a live stream on the tf2 rencorner server so i'm hoping you guys will show up and support my stream
  11. thanks to all who visited my stream catch me again tomorrow at 8pm central
  12. thanks to all who visited the stream catch me again tomorrow at 8pm central for my next stream
  13. live streaming Rencorner's Minecraft server now please come join me on my stream
  14. 20 minutes till stream come and join me
  15. highlight of my announcement for the live stream