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  1. Considering the next generation gaming is now here with the new games (you know which ones) unfortunately KF2 isn't on the list. Pack your bags gentlemen.
  2. Just a tip, KF > KF2 only because KF graphics are enough for the enjoyment.
  3. Aha, this must be one of the best success stories for a typical PC gamer.
  4. firebug is easy, should be made harder, these custom servers are too easy bro
  5. Use dual for bigg specimens and husk for what shai said. Use flamethrower if ur in a small map and crowded hallways, spaces etc cuz it covers a big area. All weapons use the dot system so theyre all good but my favs is the m4 rifle and the dual flares
  6. Wow servers are down, I'm going into withdrawal.
  7. Congratz! I never see Destroyer on KF...
  8. As so did I.
  9. I want to participate! In-game name: Nocturnal
  10. Yeah I can't see it stupid racists
  11. Oh we're too late. Well ok.
  12. I do want to add in that Killing Floor is a cooperative multiplayer game.
  13. Lighthouse is very small and dark. I've played it before I don't recommend it.
  14. In-Game Name: Nocturnal
  15. By the way. Does this only work on servers with SCRN balence?