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  1. ?

    Thanks! & yes im currently about to join the server now
  2. ?

    Glad you guys have been doing well
  3. ?

    How's terraria been since I've been gone?
  4. Holy crap, man, are you back now? 

    1. Madara


      I'm sorta back around. Might start playing when I get some time 

    2. Satomi


      Nice. We'll welcome seeing you around. How's uni?

  5. Added!
  6. VIP

  7. Have a great vacation!
  8. It could be bad for many games Gumby, a lot of games have a large base of young players.
  9. Added
  10. I just wanted to say thank you for the great community you guys have let me become a part of. I remember first joining and applying for temp months ago, and becoming 1 out of 9 admins with 2,000+ members it just blows my mind. A special thank you to all the staff and members that I have had the privilege to encounter during my time here. Stay awesome Rencorner . -Madara
  11. New or not I hope you enjoy your stay here at rencorner
  12. Keep up the good work fellas
  13. Welcome to Rencorner