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  1. ri·dic·u·lous rəˈdikyələs/ adjective deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd. "when you realize how ridiculous these scenarios are, you will have to laugh" synonyms: laughable, absurd, comical, funny, hilarious, risible, droll, amusing, farcical, silly,ludicrous; More
  2. What you people refer to as "MPF" is the very outdated Imperial Age mod which is actually very sophisticated. Although the version that MPF uses is quite imbalanced even when you have the experience to know what your doing instead of being torn a new asshole because your a dirty noob that runs away crying, apparently like all of you who posted complaints. If you we're actually capable of comprehending strategies that include more than ~7 vehicles (9 on flying maps) and ~6 infantry weapons, you may actually have had fun playing. The creators of the Imperial Age mod had a disagreement and broke away from MPF a long time ago, but continued their work. The up-to-date Imperial Age mod may be played on the IKMaps server and is considerably different from what you see 1/4 maps on the MPF server. In the actual Imperial Age, all the reasons you hated it and RQ are obsolete. Weapons and vehicles are far more refined for balanced gameplay. However, there are significantly more options available than what you've seen in the previous versions. I realize you only have 10 fingers and complex thought is very difficult when you have to count in your head, so I wont blame you for your ignorant criticism.
  3. What's long, brown, and stinks? I love the internet!
  4. Was making a post on MPF and found the last topic i posted there. Reading it again after all this time has me all warm and fuzzy. Especially Shaitan's post on the topic.
  5. Imperial Age is actually alot of fun if your willing to be a noob and get rofl stomped until you learn. But fuck MPF, I been playing in IKmaps which is several versions more advanced. Even wrote a tutorial for the massive amount of options and strategies. Quiet everybody, I hear a bitch. You can continue ignoring your own faults in the situation if you like, but I'm actually capable of admitting I made a mistake. The way I treated you like the cunt you are was a mistake. The post I made afterwards was a bigger mistake. It all seems like a good idea at the time. But you were and are a passive-aggressive cunt which is equally as childish as a wrathful junkie. Did you hope to embarrass me with your post? Because I do not regret making an ass outta myself, which should be obvious. The mistake was spamming !kill commands. What I should have done is simply kicked you. But whats done is done. The limitations of human existence forbid me from changing what has past.
  6. If I was just some asshole, you wouldn't attribute this amount of drama or disrespect to my post. You are the ones giving me special treatment which inflates my relevance in your own perspective. If you cant detach yourself from your emotions, your the one that needs to grow up. Spamming !kill mdogg was definitely childish I admit. I felt disrespected by mdogg and used server powers against him. Now you admins feel I disrespect you and are using server powers against me. Seems we all should grow up.
  7. The last few days I've been playing under the name FemaleDogg. I was surprised to find that my serial was not banned. If this is an over-sight, please correct this immediately. Mdogg was acting like a bitch, so I treated him like a bitch. I knew what I did was mod abuse and accepted any consequences that would occur before I chose to act. (Even if greatly disproportional.) I have no problems with anyone else about this incident. I will not start any further discussion about this incident unless first engaged. I do not want my mod powers back. I am not sorry.
  8. Gotta stick with my principles. GGs.
  9. lol also the rule for no hill camping hourglass (which is not in the rotation)
  10. A full month? Entire time I've been with RC no1 has ever been banned so long for anything but hacking.
  11. I'm not defending myself at all. I did abuse powers. I had absolutely no justification for doing so. He can do whatever he pleases ingame. Just stating facts. And they are facts. Please point out what lies I'm telling. Also, your a bitch. Also, in addition to being removed as a mod, I am now banned from TS and across all IRC channels including the #rencorner lounge and the #rc-aow public channel for calling you the bitch you are. Technically the ban is justifiable as 'mod disrespect' even though I did nothing to disrespect you from TS or IRC after the incident. However not even the hackers that have been caught have ever suffered such an extensive ban, and that gives me great pride.
  12. As some of you may know, I joined Mdogg's clan iB for a short period. I knew none of the players in the clan had ever CW'd but I thought I could help Mdogg train them into an actual clan. I quickly realized that none of them had any motivation to actually improve their performance. Furthermore, their morale in the recent funwars (not to be mistaken for an actual clanwar) was terrible. Mdogg was specifically the reason for the low morale because of his toxic attitude on TS. He goes into a game assuming he will lose and then drowns the players on his side in negativity ensuring that result. In small pub games he never plays seriously and spends most of the time afk until leaving 10 min after he joins. Oh but he's not afk, hes there, just not doing anything for the brief moment he's taking space on the team. Eventually one night I was playing several 1v1's against Geeti and he joined. It was now me and him vs Geeti so I decided to watch what Mdogg would actually do. Geeti didnt have an Airstrip or something so I gave him an apc to fight Mdogg's mrls. Geeti won the fight by 25hp and then immediately left whining that it was my fault. That's when I left iB. The next week or 2, Mdogg was strongly motivated in these small pub games. Not to help his team win, but specifically to fight against me. I thought to myself if I'm the only reason Mdogg has to actually play a gg, so be it. Today, I was fighting a 2v1 and holding my own real well. I got a flamer in their base and was keeping the 2 of them stuck in their base repairing. Mdogg surprised me and c4'd a building. Surprised me again when he tried to kill a hotwire. I thought he might actually pursue the victory but was soon mistaken. The rest is highlighted for easy reading, enjoy!