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  1. Happy Bday to me!

  2. Still inactive sorry!!!!

    1. DJEYEK


      Meanwhile in NorthKorea...

  3. My cats an asshole.......
  4. Wow doesnt feel like a year at all! But YAY!
  5. wow

  6. Nether Walk?
  7. All the files are the same except a couple of patches because ive actually seen alot of the coding and stuff!
  8. Yea i really think Bukkit needs to work ont he updates when the pre releases come out!
  9. Inactive due to failing grades!

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    2. liamwells100


      A 93-100

      B 85-92

      C 75-84

      D 70-74

      F Below 70

    3. mademan


      you like 69....

    4. liamwells100


      Im ok at math but my teacher loses everthing! Im even in tutoring but my parents think its my fault and i tell em and they dont believe me!

  10. Also i died 3 or 4 times from getting smited during the end of the dispute. An a couple of blockson my house got eaten by silverfish and burned by blazes but it was easily fixed.
  11. What did i do to you Ani?
  12. u i havent been back for a month
  13. Have you tried turning it OFF and ON again,sir?
  14. I did it like that on purpose cause i like simple textures for certain items also there a nyan cat painting!