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  1. wow we have a lot of crude and smackdown emoticons. what happened to the cake? Anyway, congrats shadow, even without the pictures!
  2. Survival is just about ready to launch....
  3. discord is ok although I prefer the TS model because it doesn't require anyone to create an account, and it is still a baby company so I'd be leery of moving the whole community there. Your invite expired.
  4. don't worry about it :)
  5. Lol, I assume it is because there really is no feminine equivalent, it's not like I want to be called 'dear' or anything like. Dude is fine :)
  6. I'm sure a few of you have been wondering where the heck I've been, and probably several have no idea who I am at this point, I've been so absent. Unfortunately my mom, who is quite elderly, has needed a great deal of care in the last few months. This came on rather suddenly, and I have been both too busy and too sad for gaming. Were moving her to an assisted living arrangement which will save me a lot of worry and effort, but she will still need my help and I can't properly commit myself here. It has been a huge amount of fun playing with you all and building worlds with you. I'll be dropping in to play and say hi, and you can message me here on the forum. -Woolwind
  7. I'm glad to hear your dad is doing well, you are an awesome son. Post-op sucks donkey balls, keep yourself moving and get off the meds as soon as you can. Wishing you the best.
  8. penguins are at the south pole, if they were in the north the polar bears would have eaten them all. And, gaman að kynnast þér, Þorleifur
  9. ps, that isn't C above, it is C++ ;)
  10. you should look closer at the game, it is not like scratch, it is more like gamified assembly language. You learn a great deal about how computers think at the microprocessor level. If you grasp that, higher level stuff makes so much more sense.
  11. Best of the Wurst
  12. https://www.humblebundle.com/freedom $600 bucks worth of stuff for $30 all of which goes to some good causes - your choice of ACLU, Doctors without Borders, and International Rescue Comittee One of the games included is Human Resource Machine, which I highly recommend as a fun way to learn computer programming skills