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  1. Hey guys, i've been wanting to come back for a while now, but now i've finally come up with enough money to get myself a 'decent' computer, spent £1000 on one but i'm running 64 bit windows 10 and i tried to install renegade but an error comes up saying i need to check with the software publisher due to the version? i tried changing compatibility modes (ALL OF THEM), makes absolutely no difference any solutions?
  2. dronez4

    Word Association

  3. dronez4

    RenCorner Mod Tools V2.5

    hey guys! i'll update this tonight!, thankyou for the post shai! i may also be adding new features since i'm back ;)
  4. dronez4

    Connenction problems

    You are welcome :)
  5. dronez4

    Conspiracy theories

    Tell me your greatest imagined conspiracy theory! Do you believe aliens are real? Is there really a god? Our visual effects are completely different in each others eyes? i know i dont see things in minecraft style but does everyone view things in a different style? I believe we are not the only living beings in the universe, there are millions of planets and people think there isn't one just like ours with different elements we have never even heard of or can see that can maximize life force. I don't feel like there is a god for the one reason being the universe is way too big to be 'controlled' and yet nothing is controlled. and if there is a god how can my actions be controlled? I could do something against any rule. if there was a god then why is it when 'the nice guy' does everything in his power to do good and just gets bad results? but when 'the bad guy' does everything in his power to be a criminal does great and gets amazing results. (these are not my only views on this one, i have so many) Tell me what you think about these wide questions nobody could possibly know the 100% answer to but only believe? Do you get the feeling the government is hiding all this information because they know we're really actually slaves to the universe? Time and relativity is governed by the moon, the earth that rolls round the sun, there is 24 hours in the day, 7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, 12 months in a year, 100 years to a century and 1000 years to each millenium, this is the relativiity of our solar system, the timeline affects us all, thats some foodful thought. what if in another solar system or galaxy which is nothing to do with our world, and is a sister planet to our mother earth, what if that planet took 10 years to go around their sun? on our planet that would make them 1. what if it took 100 years to reach their planet and reversing the imagined aliens travelling to our planet, in (1) years it would take 10.
  6. dronez4

    What was your first ever community?

    MP-Gaming - MP-missionDM, t'was when i was a kid! haha Found this beautiful community whilst looking around when it just started and it has bloomed!
  7. dronez4

    Whats your name

    Hey im casey! :p NICE TO MEET YOU
  8. Bye bye wisdom tooth! :haha:

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    2. dronez4


      Didn't hurt at all which was crazy, its sort of like a weird pain after the anaesthetic runs out and a weird feeling but other than that its not bad! :p got my top right one out

    3. mdogg1108


      Should have got all 4 out, it sucks to go through the process again :/

    4. dronez4


      still got the bottom left growing, the top left and bottom right seem to look full grown, debating on just getting them all ripped out lmao, but then again :/ extra teeth, longer time of chewing rather than old man soup

  9. dronez4

    Mine limit

    Well i mean i remember when there used to be just 10 mines on some servers :p but 60 mines wouldn't bother me but it may make it a lot harder for some people to get anywhere, it would be a patience game lets take tomb for example, if you mine with 60 mines, 20 on the tunnel, 20 on one entrance of the base and 20 on the other. the only way for someone to get in will be to suicide it :p but i'd definitely like to see what other people think about this
  10. dronez4

    FunWar TODAY!!!

    got an auto message going on every 10 minutes so we may get more players :) [14:29:16] <&RCAOW> Host: (dronez4@IRC): [AUTO-message] There is 4hrs 15mins 45 secs Until the funwar - join teamspeak before it starts [14:39:16] <&RCAOW> Host: (dronez4@IRC): [AUTO-message] There is 4hrs 5mins 45secs until the funwar begins - join teamspeak before it starts also added !funwar [14:54:10] <&RCAOW> NLDBNL: !funwar [14:54:11] <&RCAOW> Host: (dronez4@IRC): [AUTO-message] There is 3hrs 50mins 50secs until the funwar begins - join teamspeak before it starts
  11. dronez4

    Photo design - wheres yours!

    I feel it'd be a great way to see people's skills! What is the best design of a photo you have put together? i'm not amazing at designing photos but i'm alright at it! show your designs! heres mine.
  12. dronez4

    FunWar TODAY!!!

    i'll definitely try be there, hope my work doesn't call up wanting me to come in *i wont answer it*
  13. dronez4

    Timed maps

    Deoxyribonucleic acid :)
  14. dronez4

    Timed maps

    basically this, But on the floor, if you touch it you turn into the same character that just died so imagine this: dronez4 dies DNA drops on the floor right underneath where dronez4 died Pedobear runs along and grabs dronez4's DNA on the floor Pedobear turns into dronez4's character that just died Think of it like reincarnation :)
  15. dronez4

    Timed maps

    @shaitan who needs mod commands when we can do that right :p i remember being up at 6AM still kicking ass. its great when you can kick a cheaters ass without anything but just great accuracy Great idea shai! loving the passion you put in that post xD i feel like shaitan is being very fair and looking to please everyone, i hope people see that