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    RenCorner Mod Tools V2.5

    For those of you who use mIRC often, this will be a walk in the park, however for those of you who do not know how to put scripts in your IRC Client then i'll show you how. ----- These are the list of benefits RenCorner Mod Tools V2.5 have: 1. If you are a moderator in a channel you can set permenant AND temporary accesses 2. you never have to deal with accesses manually from typing /cs aop #channel add nickname 3. It shows all the permenant accesses in a dialog, whos online/offline and their moderator level (voice/half/full/admin/owner) 3. You can direct connect to marathon server just from a couple of clicks 4. You can put in your own custom direct connect just from putting in the correct information 5. after you filled out the information you never have to do it again ;) ----- i attached screenshots and the .mrc file for you to load. i also decided to upload it to hawkee a while ago incase no one wanted to download a file for obvious reasons - http://hawkee.com/snippet/10057/ when you're in IRC, do alt+r (or tools > scripts editor), paste the code in the 'remote' tab and press okay then right click in the middle of the chat window > RenCorner Mod Dialog > RenCorner Mod Tools Hope it gets used :) thankyou RenCorner Mod Tools.mrc