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  1. It's fun! Definitely not as crisp and clear as a monitor, but having a huge display is entertaining to say the least.
  2. Sure do, Joe :P
  3. Basically, if the Internet wasn't so bad I'd be playing on some Ren-most fun you can have on a-Corner servers again. :( However, I felt like posting on the forums again because it's been a little while. I have been using around a 24" monitor for my desktop for all gaming purposes, but I always wanted to try something new. Whether or not it is practical, I had a friend who wasn't using a TV, so you can imagine where my mind went with that... Long story short, I replaced my monitor with a 30+" TV to use for all gaming needs. As well as cable. Image attached below. Whether or not this be practical I shall determine later, I'm gonna give myself the benefit of the doubt and go with solid investment on my part. Moreover, I'll be trying to get on TeamSpeak and whatnot to visit when I can, and maybe try to play some games along the way. Have a great rest of the week everyone, almost over! - P.J.
  4. yuh! I think I still have him on facebook actually, ahha. I haven't been on in ages D:
  5. diz a gaytd cumyunitea
  6. oooh I like that song too. (and booty) and yeah, I try to branch out and listen to every type of rap.
  7. I love A$AP Rocky, he spits hard and he's pretty nice lyrically. I've always loved Cudi bc of the chill vibe he's always been on. G-Eazy is prolly more of a pop-rap type of rapper, but his flow is so crisp and he also has some pretty advance lyrics, vocabulary wise. (I like the intro to this one) Kyle is from the bay area like G-Eazy, but he sounds like a surfer dude which I always thought was funny haha. (This isn't like most his songs but it's fire and Eazy is on it too)
  8. This hoe hits
  9. Migos is still the best hype group of all time.
  10. Got a guest room?
  11. I'd love to but I was originally wanting to see a "final" version released, but it looks like they'll be in development for a fat minute.
  12. Try listening to some chance the rapper, he's really unique.
  13. i mean we start one every time a war is over.
  14. im still older than 14
  15. th8 level 75, in a clan with about 25 or so. ya'll are welcome to all come if you want. we war every day.