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  1. lol Why is he salty?
  2. A lot of people can't figure it out even with Google. Even if they do, it's common to download the mod from a 3rd party and end up with a load of malware.
  3. Rule 29 and 30 of the internet: Rule 29: On the internet, all girls are men, and all kids are undercover FBI agents or Justice Decoys. Rule 30: There are NO girls on the internet. Welp, I can't hide it anymore. I'm an undercover FBI agent. Google rules of the internet. It was posted by a troll on 4Chan in 2007. This is a joke, please do not take this seriously.
  4. Thanks, Shai. Sorry to bother you with that.
  5. Travel safe. See you soon. Well it hasn't lol. The servers have been down all day. Erm... would you mind doing that? lol
  6. While browsing through the forums I noticed that Skyguy had made a tutorial for the installation of Faithful and Optifine for Minecraft 1.9. As most of you know, we're now in 1.11. The installation instructions haven't changed too much but, I believe I have a much simpler method of installing Optifine and Faithful. I will include the installation of Minecraft Forge to simplify installing future mods. I plan to update this tutorial for future versions of Minecraft if I need to. Credit to Skyguy92 for the idea of this post! Frequently Asked Questions: Tutorial: Troubleshooting:
  7. Sounds good.
  8. I'm sure mostly everyone knows that when you destroy netherrack in the nether it spawns more netherrack. CamFlht and I had the idea to have a chance of a blaze spawner apearing after breaking a piece of netherrack. There could be a 0.5% - 1% chance of this event. I think this would be helpful because it would allow players to make potions and gain xp, which is scarce in skyblock. Requested changes: Maximum of 2 -3 (Suggested by Cam)
  9. I'm coming to live there as a second home want to see my hotel? It's not 100% done.
  10. ok
  11. I'm going to get right to the point and not do one of my long speeches =/ Factions Home was removed because of abusing the command. so what if you put it back, i have a way to stop a abusing. As you may know I have a server, and I have worldedit & worldguard. So I'm good at using them. Now i dont have the factions plugin but I'm assuming the factions plugin has a way to Set Default flags for the faction region. So here my idea: (I pre wrote this it doesn't fit in perfectly with the other text) When a fac claims land they create a World Edit/World Guard region. So what if by default the fac region would pre set the blocked-commands flag? So it will automaticly do this: "/rg flag [Region Name] blocked-commands /sethome /home". Then by default each member of that faction is set to a REGION (Not faction) owner, if they're an owner they Bypass that flag P.S. please re-add the Edit Post button =/
  12. Is that John Candy? It looks like it
  13. <_>
  14. This is a picture of Lundy getting trolled while hes AFK XD: This beautiful work it by your's truly Occassius Quote From Occassius
  15. Volcom, I know HTML and some JavaScript. If you would like any help with the site, not that you need any help And I know Java very well, I could try to code a Rencorner program.