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  1. Been a super long time since I played, but Id like to get back in there as long as the server isn't 99.9% dicks like every other rust server :|
  2. Just hopped on.. not much activity. I still had a Thomson on me but i was sleeping in a house with no walls ;D People seem to like a 2 week wipe cycle these days, so maybe we need to get that setup and mark the wipe date in order to get randoms online. The plugin architecture has changed quite a bit, but I'm going to be looking into that again. Would be really cool to have a progressive loot/gift thing for the hours leading up to the wipe. Anyone care if we wipe today? That usually draws people in.
  3. I know everyone is patiently waiting for the updates, and I am guilty of finding other things to play in the mean time... But I would love to be one of the popular servers when they do finally update the game. I am hoping we can come up with some ideas to get our server back in the relevant zone. I think the Arena is an awesome addition, it's just that we never had a huge burst of numbers to get new folks interested in it. Just some stuff that came to mind this week that may boost our numbers: If we get our rank up on toprustservers.com it couldn't hurt: http://toprustservers.com/server/6073I could add the voter plugin and give people care packages for voting dailyWe could try more mods, or maybe less mods...We could try to speed the game up by adding more airdrops, and make it easier to get back on your feet..Perhaps a mod that would only make you drop your inventory items, not your armor/bar items?Same as above, but also drop 1 random armor item?We have a few folks that like to do videos, lets leverage that!Shorter night cycles? Please your own add ideas, or provide feedback on these. I want this server to be awesome, but I don't want to make it too much of a "job" for anyone.
  4. Hello friends, Wanted to share the good news about the arena script I threw together this weekend. A friend of mine invited me to a server he has been playing on for an arena event.... and lets just say it could have been a much cooler experience with some automation. They had 2 admins inside an arena they had built.. and they spawned in a ton of loot and put it in crates. They gave everyone sleeping bags so they could spawn again, but people had to remember to place another one after they died.. They had to spawn every person in and out manually.. it was a mess, but their server was full of people.. so it gave me some ideas. Many beers, and 300 lines of code later, we have an arena on our PVP server thats entirely automated!Herbert did a fine ass job building the map, so be sure to give him a high five when you seen him. Type /join and it will put you on the team with the fewest players. Type /teams to see who's playing, and on what team.Type /leave to leave the arena and return to the normal game. Theres no real "end" to the game at this point, you just spawn inside the arena at a random point within your side of the map with weapons and armor and kill the other team. If you die you will spawn back in the arena with the same gear and do it all again. I have a ton of ideas on what to add beyond whats there now, but wanted to run some of them by you guys to see what direction I should take it. Could end up going for all of them eventually! If you have ideas, please share! Classic Team Deathmatch: First team to 20/50/whatever number of kills wins the round, and perhaps some prize. Deathmatch: No teams, just a free for all with similar kill count criteria to win, bigger prize than the Team Deathmatch mode. Capture the points: I could do this by randomly spawning empty wood storage boxes throughout the arena, and players would have to find them and hit them with a hatchet once to "capture" them. First team (or player perhaps) to capture N number of crates would win. More of a feature for each game then a game mode, but someone suggested the possibility of customizing the loadouts so they could always have medpacks in slot 4, shotgun in slot 1.. whatever format they like really. I could do something like /saveloadout and it would record what you had in your hotbar at the time and give that combination back to you each time. This could get messy.. but let me know if you think its worth writing code to support. Kill streaks/sprees More map options: SKeTcHz expressed intrest in building his own arena, and I'm sure others would be interested too. I could modify the script to teleport players to another randomly selected arena after the current game ends. This one seems to have the most return-on-investment in terms of code/awesome. Different classes: Players could choose their class and recieve different loot/abilities.Support: M4, grenades. Gunner: Shotgun, P250, grenades. Sniper: Bolt action, Holo sight, I could even bump up the damage of the bolt to always 1 shot kill. Medic: 9mm Pistol, Medpacks, This one would look rediculous.. but if you shoot your team mates, it would heal them and stop any bleeding. This one will probably be the biggest pain in the ass out of everything.. but I wanted to make notes on it.
  5. We could do it on the north side of the map, where nobody could wander over. If we did it with a script, anyone marked as a PVE player could keep their inventory if they died by bleeding/animal/fall. I can spawn Reds, and the various loot crates around if we felt like making our own towns. I think I can even prevent people from building too close to them. ;D Magma has hooks for when a player is hurt, and I can see who/what the attacker is. If its a player I can just heal em right back. They could still gathe, hunt, and build like everyone else, but when they decide to leave the PVE area they wouldn't be able to take their loot. Anything they researched would still be available to them however.. might be a little unfair. This is also do-able with teh codez!
  6. We put a little town together one night, but we rushed it.. I think if we group up and do it at the natural pace of the game it will be pretty fun. If we do it in an area thats pretty far from the road we can do it as a safe zone, and prevent people from wandering over randomly. I can put together the script that flags players as.. some fun name, and spawn them back inside the bubble when they die. Could even keep their inventory if you guys wanna go that route. Just lay out your ideas and I can get to scriptin! To be fair to the rest of the server, I can let them run a command to exit the safe zone and it'd kill them and spawn them in the typical spawn areas so they cant just stock pile stuff and then go out into the real world and build a mansion
  7. Hello dudes, Shops are coming along pretty well. I have a database powering the stock levels.. so you can only buy what has actually been sold to the shop. The rust/magma bits are still lagging behind due to the the fact that magma has no support for JSON parsing.. makes my life hell :/ For this first pass, I am not combining stacks of blood in rust.. so if you want to buy something for 30 blood, it all needs to be in one stack. As a result of that, Anything that costs over 250 is going to have to wait until I put that code together. Considering Explosives, Explosive Charges, and Supply Signals to be the most expensive items (and probably over 250 blood) what do you guys think is a good starting point for pricing? I have a constant "shop's cut" at 25% so if you see an item that costs 10 blood, you'll only get 7 blood for it when you sell it. I thought about making this different from shop to shop so people could "play the market" but with teleports enabled... thats just too easy to exploit. Pricing this shit fairly is going to be the hardest part of the plugin.. we do it wrong and we can break the gameplay Anyway, I need some input on how to price stuff out, and when to manually inject items into the marketplace. I want to use Blood as the main currency, and stones as a sort of pocket change. You could sell ~10 stones for a single blood.. something like that at least ;P Whats up for discussion: You currently get 1 blood per animal kill, is this too low? Should it vary from animal to animal? Should each shop get its own "cut" price? Should you get anything for killing a player? Is this exploitable (My gut is yes.. 2 people could just kill each other over and over) What type of things other than actual game items could be purchased? (2x gather for 30 minutes, building permits for tall bases, raid alarms, GPS tracker?) And most importantly.. the price structure for rust items 556 Ammo (x10) - $59mm Ammo (x10) - $59mm Pistol (10) - $5Animal Fat (x10 - $5Anti-Radiation Pills (x15) - $5Arrow (x10) - $4Bandage (x3) - $2 (not sellable since you get them free each spawn)Bed - $50Blood Draw Kit (ha... no you cant buy a money printing machine.)Bolt Action Rifle - $500 (until I work through the single stack purchase stuff, this stays out)Camp Fire - $2Can of Beans - $1Can of Tuna - $1Charcoal (x25) - $1Chocolate Bar - $1Cloth Boots - $10Cloth Helmet - $12Cloth Pants - $14Cloth Vest - $12Cooked Chicken Breast (x5) - $2Explosive Charge - $750 (until I work through the single stack purchase stuff, this stays out)Explosives - $600 (until I work through the single stack purchase stuff, this stays out)F1 Grenade - $400 (until I work through the single stack purchase stuff, this stays out)Flare (x5) - $3Flashlight Mod - $15Furnace - $12Granola Bar - $1Gunpowder (x25) - $5Hand Cannon - $10Handmade Shell (x10) - $5Hatchet - $5 (not sellable since you get them free the starter kit)Holo Sight - $15Hunting Bow - $5Kevlar Boots - $100Kevlar Helmet - $125Kevlar Pants - $100Kevlar Vest - $150Large Medkit - $25Large Spike Wall - $8Large Wood Storage - $16Laser Sight - $10Leather Boots - $15Leather Helmet - $15Leather Pants - $10Leather Vest - $20Low Grade Fuel (x5) - $12Low Quality Metal (x5) - $40M4 - $250Metal Ceiling - $120Metal Door - $60Metal Doorway - $100Metal Foundation - $120Metal Fragments (x25) - $10 Metal Ore (x5) - $10Metal Pillar - $30Metal Ramp - $100Metal Stairs - $120Metal Wall - $80Metal Window - $75Metal Window Bars - $80MP5A4 - $200P250 - $100Paper (x25) - $5 Pick Axe - $4Pipe Shotgun - $35Rad Suit Boots - $20Rad Suit Helmet - $25Rad Suit Pants - $18Rad Suit Vest - $18Raw Chicken Breast (x5) - $2Repair Bench - $20Research Kit 1 - $210Revolver - $50Shotgun - $150Shotgun Shells (x10) - 5Silencer - $50Sleeping Bag - $15Small Medkit - $10Small Rations - $2Small Stash - $5Small Water Bottle (x2)- $5Spike Wall - $15Stone Hatchet - $4 (not sellable since you get them free the starter kit)Sulfur (x25) - $10Sulfur Ore (x5) - $10Supply Signal - $850 (until I work through the single stack purchase stuff, this stays out)Torch - $1 (not sellable since you get them free each spawn)Wood (x50) - $4Wood Barricade - $5Wood Ceiling - $12Wood Doorway - $10Wood Foundation- $10Wood Gate- $15Wood Gateway- $20Wood Pillar- $7Wood Planks (x10) - $5Wood Ramp- $10Wood Shelter - $10Wood Stairs - $10Wood Storage Box - $10Wood Wall - $10Wood Window - $10Wooden Barricade - $10Wooden Door - $10Wooden Shelter - $25Workbench - $12 Shotgun Blueprint - $89mm Pistol Blueprint - $8MP5A4 Blueprint - $40 (rust wiki shows this but Ive never seen it )P250 Blueprint - $10M4 Blueprint - $50 (rust wiki shows this but Ive never seen it )Flashlight Blueprint - $10Holographic Sight Blueprint - $10Laser Sight Blueprint - $10Suppressor Blueprint - $10F1 Grenade Blueprint - $10Explosive Charge Blueprint - $200Kevlar Pants Blueprint - $90Kevlar Helmet Blueprint - $90Kevlar Boots Blueprint - $90Kevlar Vest Blueprint - $120Large Wood Storage Box Blueprint - $10 I literally just flopped prices down as i posted this.. please help me adjust
  8. Unfortunately, Rust is a single map at this point. Rust is actually made in Unity3D
  9. I'm everywhere..
  10. Yep, what Herbert said. I like 3 week cycles.. until Rust puts out a freaking update, people have figured out how to "beat the game" in about 2 weeks. Hopefully, with each wipe, we gain some more players.
  11. Since Rust's teleport command was really only designed for admins, it's possible to abuse it and glitch into peoples bases. :/ I've actually seen people leave because a server had teleporting enabled... I like it for the sake of getting home safely, but I also don't want the jerk that killed me 3 times getting out of it when I go after him by just teleporting to his buddies. Check the poll at the top of the post :}
  12. Haha jcon, I am gonna miss it too man.. But I think the impact of it changes the progression of the game.
  13. I think most of the people I've talked to in TS about this are into it. It usually attracts new players, especially if we have our normal group on the night of the wipe. I have some cool plugins in the works for the pre-wipe hours: Gathering from any resource just might give you a weapon, ammo, bandage, or even an Explosive Charge! If you shoot arrows at a building, there is a chance that it will trigger an explosion on impact. Giveaway will be bumped to 10 minutes instead of an hour, and the loot will be quite a bit more awesome. Obviously these will be taken out during the wipe
  14. I’ve seen a good number of RC members hanging out on our Rust server, and its been a lot of fun. I’m pretty new to the group, but I’ve really enjoyed playing and talking with you guys. For those who don’t know, I’m am acting as admin/developer for the official RenCorner rust server. I ran my own server for a period of time, and spent most of my time writing mods. Breakdown of whats running on the server now: Door Sharing - Share doors with your friends without needing codes. Just type /share playerName Building Manager 2.0 - Remove tool, less exploitable than /remove and you can share your base with others to make changes. Just hit the non-load bearing structure with a stone pickaxe twice to remove it. Type /baseshare all playerName to share with your friends. Teleporting* - use /tpa playerName to request a teleport to a friend, you are limited to 3 an per 2 hours. Starter - type /starter to receive a sleeping bag and a stone hatchet. There is a cool down on this so people can’t abuse it. Arrow Gather - This is something I wrote to make the hunting experience feel a little more legit. If you kill an animal with a bow, you have a 60% chance of retrieving the arrows from its corpse as you gather from it. Fragment Gather - Basically a copy of the Arrow Gather plugin, but you’ll have a 60% chance of gathering 2 metal fragments if you kill an animal with a gun. Hourly Giveaways - Every hour a random player will receive a random item. The items in rotation aren’t anything special, it’s mainly a mental thing, but people seem to like it. Death Location - When you die, your coordinates are printed to you in chat, you can use /location to find your way back. Now - type /now to get the time of day, ping, playtime, and total players online Player List - type /players to see a list of online players Chat History - Pull up the last 5 chat messages with /history Shops - I'm working on shops at the moment, but I threw in a quick prototype for people to play with for now. Type /shop to view the items, and /buy # to buy an item. Blood is the currency, and you'll get 1 blood per animal kill. Blood draw kits have been removed so people can't "print money". The selection is pretty weak right now, but what I have in the works is quite a bit more robust If you have feedback or ideas for these mods please feel free to comment here. Let's go bang on rocks!
  15. Damn son! Struglin'