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  1. more like 3 years
  2. Alright thanks for letting me know
  4. I'm not a terraria mod to apply for staff you have to use the format pinned on the terraria staff applications
  5. I too like memes
  6. Nope same old me
  7. hi umm I just got here so can I ummm have trusted pls I wont be bad I promise
  8. I don't know I just got here
  9. if you just tuned in for this thrilling race volcom is up by a nice 11 posts!!!! Joetorp a close second better get your popcorn kids this is going to be a good one
  10. was that you occ ._. was that you..if it was then....
  11. ^ AMEN to that
  12. i blame obama.....
  13. i did that lol
  14. Just blame root wooly or gio whichever works fine