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  1. [23:42] <lalalabamba> siz
    [23:42] <DickClark> six
    [23:43] <lalalabamba> six
    [23:43] <&RCBOT> Winner: lalalabamba Answer: six Time: 15.382 Streak: 1 Points: 4578 WPM: 2 Rank: 1st


    1. mdogg1108


      miss our trivia games brah :(

  2. At least I'm safe inside my mind

  3. Hey Mdogg,

    they fixin to change the name of the trophy i hear

    1. mdogg1108



      i hate you 


    2. DickClark


      the falcons should have beli-chick'd themselves before they rekt themselves.

    3. mdogg1108
  4. and im Dick FUCKING Clark if y'all havent noticed. On NYE/NYD i will be MC'ing the night for ERRYbody in REN! and ill expect to see ren regulars trying to hold the DickClark'd cup as well! BRING WAFFLE BATTER!
  5. the first one is legit trippy.
  6. 'ill pay you one dollar' lol :'D
  7. a fellow emcee! hostin the show is the most important thing. welcome to the party man.
  8. #Dickstradamus
  9. I'm coming back Friday. Prepare my spatula and rev my fryers. We will steal some waffle batter.

    I wonder where the krusty krab gets its patties from. 

  10. OR renegade! cool f'n name lol.
  11. what even is 'alive' anyway?
  12. ^ this is good there are plenty of good players. they just need initiative.... squads help with coordination. ^ sorry :x also what ehh said leads me to an actual good path here. the difference between 'vanilla' as a game mode and vanilla as a concept. which is im sure why shai correctly put 'vanilla' in quotes. vanilla means boring, run of the mill, typical ("lame"). the vanilla game mode ISNT soft and squishy at all! Also, and this is working against people who like marathon - the only other ren server (mpf) has modded thier AOW mode to be pretty unrecognizable to us vanilla game mode ren fans. so for example, if it wasnt (if they ran solid original type maps / rules), AOW fans would have a place to go play AOW.
  13. 'return to base' and 'get in the vehicle' meaning get the fuck out of the tuns, come back, and read the textbox for further instructions, children.
  14. Before i even go item by item on some of the things you took off here, FUCK YEAH! I feel like for a FACT the ghosts of ren players past are though 'Rene-Esp' are celebrating and throwing their hands up. This is the way Westwood INTENDED to have Renegade gameplay work!!! Time honored gameplay! ANY player that EVER logged onto a server when Westwood ran it would instantly flashback to that experiential memory of fighting their hearts off for their teammates and for their base! Especially Kesler told me many times that he wanted vanilla westwood rules. "It'll also be a hands-on type of deal with moderators keeping people in-the-know, so as to limit the possible complaints(sweet talking)." i like this 'no sweet talking' rule, and its also simple psychology 101 (which makes it even better), as any good 'test' has people in it not knowing they were in a test till after anyway. also a nice little cue to us to see who checks the forums ! :P it reminds me a bit of the 'no pleasentries' rule ! I stand by the fact that the average player i see's maximum reaction to AOW appears to be 'meh', and on that note, item by item some of the following things i think flow REALLY well with marathon: Squads Veteran Loot dropping also some of the crates. namely spy crate and finally: the original westwood gameplay i strongly feel was meant to encourage techs / hotwires to be the only class that could hang out in field and never go back for ammo and always have something to do: repair. plain and simple. '<Cannot do limited ammo, as that takes a restart>' RESET BUTTON BROKEN. HACKERS GOT TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damnit! honestly though, this is definitely a plausibly good idea at worst. you're clearly on to something here shai.