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  1. Lol loved that
  2. Daaaamn this is from around... what... 2004??? Right after RxD was first fully up and running. Is Blacky still around here? Volcom you'll like to read all this xD. Old [Sync]Prism is in here. Pulled this before from my old ancient desktop i booted up Renegade days!... found some old chat logs.. [23:30:59] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: hey mac [23:31:00] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: MAC AWWWWWWW [23:31:08] [UE]mac|1*tC: hey band [23:31:14] [UE]mac|1*tC: lol whats up psycho [23:31:21] [Team] Jay: stank [23:31:25] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: ack [23:31:25] [Team] Jay: on field [23:32:43] [Team] [UE]mac|1*tC: brb [23:33:03] [Team] Jay: some1 want mammy? [23:33:09] .:CDC_draco912:.: nah [23:33:16] .:CDC_draco912:.: i can buy like 4 [23:33:26] [Team] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: just kill it [23:33:30] [Team] Jay: k [23:35:04] .:CDC_draco912:.: lol wow [23:35:29] [Team] .:CDC_draco912:.: rush with mammys [23:35:43] [Team] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: we said that no one got any but me and jay [23:35:45] =(HCM)=zintere: master [23:36:08] [Team] .:CDC_draco912:.: mammy rush! [23:36:12] Host: elloGuy|RxD is a server owner/administrator. [23:36:14] =(HCM)=zintere: this isn't the gamewhere u destroy your team mate vehicals and anoy them u noob [23:36:40] [+ZGSE+]-RazuL: lol [23:36:46] [Team] .:CDC_draco912:.: anyone want me to buy em a mammy? [23:36:57] [Team] [+ZGSE+]-RazuL: surte ill take one [23:37:05] [Team] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: illget one [23:37:31] [Team] [UE]mac|1*tC: !bl [23:37:31] [Private] Host: Your vehicle has been bound to you and locked. Any vehicle you previously had bound has been unbound. [23:38:53] [Private] Host: Your bound vehicle has been destroyed. [23:39:06] [Team] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: i knew prism was right there [23:39:25] [Team] Jay: almost had air [23:39:34] [Team] Jay: do it again [23:39:49] [Team] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: prism is going to sit there with flame we cant [23:39:52] =(HCM)=zintere: my turn mr. gunner [23:39:57] =(HCM)=zintere: lol [23:40:31] [Team] [+ZGSE+]-RazuL: i drew out the flmamer [23:41:03] [Team] Jay: 3 stealths [23:41:14] [Team] Jay: get mammys again [23:41:24] [Team] [UE]mac|1*tC: not enough [23:41:45] [Team] Jay: get mammys [23:42:53] [Team] [UE]mac|1*tC: ill get one 1 sec [23:43:31] Host: [BR] Most KILLS last game was [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co with 5 frags [23:44:18] [+ZGSE+]-RazuL: grr [23:44:18] [Sync]Prism: lolw [23:44:23] [Sync]Prism: owned by tiberium [23:45:01] Host: [RxD] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG has been recommended by BlazeRegulator: Destroyed Hand of Nod and Obelisk [23:45:18] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: dum bnoobs [23:45:24] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: now you learn why you dont leave tanks around [23:45:30] [Team] Jay: got air [23:45:48] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: i got some thing for the flame bitch [23:45:56] .:CDC_draco912:.: ? [23:46:06] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: no pirsm knos what i men [23:46:13] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: mean [23:46:14] .:CDC_draco912:.: ok.. [23:46:27] Host: InGame Moderators: &[=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co @elloGuy|RxD [23:46:38] Host: [RxD] {-TILBURG-}master is being BANNED by [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co for: gta [23:46:55] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: LAg [23:47:55] Gen_Blacky: !nextmap [23:47:55] Host: The next map will be: C&C_Mesa.mix [23:47:56] [Team] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: apc [23:47:59] [Team] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: donate [23:48:09] Host: [RxD] Minelimit for C&C_Niagra.mix is 35 mines. [23:48:23] [Team] =(HCM)=zintere: !donate band 180 [23:48:24] Host: [RxD] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG has been recommended by BlazeRegulator: MVP on RxD_Field with 4091 points [23:48:24] Host: [RxD] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG has been recommended by BlazeRegulator: Most Kills on RxD_Field with 12 frags [23:48:26] [Team] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: no thanks [23:48:31] [Team] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: im just gonna pop wheelies [23:48:36] [Team] Gen_Blacky: lol [23:48:36] [Team] [UE]mac|1*tC: heh [23:48:38] [Team] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: kk apc [23:48:38] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: lol [23:48:39] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: uhh [23:48:44] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: who wants to go gdi ? [23:48:50] Host: Crate: Enjoy those 436 points from the crate god, GDI. [23:48:55] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: 6vs 2 is damn lameo [23:49:05] [Sync]Prism: why is ello in game [23:49:07] [Sync]Prism: he always goes idle [23:49:08] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: dunno [23:49:10] [+ZGSE+]-RazuL: lol [23:49:13] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: he keep joining nd not doin anything [23:49:13] elloGuy|RxD: testing anticheat [23:49:17] elloGuy|RxD: sorry dont mind me [23:49:17] [Team] =(HCM)=zintere: omg that was so my kill [23:49:17] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: lol [23:49:20] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: NOw he here [23:49:22] [Sync]Prism: well [23:49:25] [Sync]Prism: it uses slot on team [23:49:30] Gen_Blacky: lo lello your always modding somthing [23:49:36] elloGuy|RxD: i pay for the freaken servr [23:49:40] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: lol [23:49:40] Gen_Blacky: lol [23:49:42] Gen_Blacky: haha [23:49:49] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: anyone wnna go gdi!? [23:49:52] [Team] [Sync]Prism: arty [23:49:57] Host: Crate: Gen_Blacky got invisible sunglasses, with no purpose at all. GDI beware. [23:49:57] elloGuy|RxD: let me see if i can switch ppl around [23:50:02] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: dont swithc meeee [23:50:04] =(HCM)=zintere: can it be!!!!! ello is playing a map for [23:50:06] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: i just got a bike [23:50:14] [Team] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: i g [23:50:16] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: i got apc [23:50:29] Gen_Blacky: sunglasses ? [23:50:35] elloGuy|RxD: k time to switch band [23:50:40] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: omg [23:50:49] =(HCM)=zintere: !donate band 850 [23:50:51] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: lol [23:50:55] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: yo leavin? [23:50:57] Host: [Sync]Prism has changed teams. [23:50:57] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: you* [23:50:58] =(HCM)=zintere: yea [23:51:00] [Sync]Prism: wtf [23:51:02] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: awww bb [23:51:03] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: ty [23:51:04] [Sync]Prism: why did you change me [23:51:06] =(HCM)=zintere: lol [23:51:07] [Sync]Prism: i was attacking pp [23:51:08] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: even teams [23:51:12] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: i give you something prism? [23:51:12] Host: (elloGuy@IRC): to even out teams [23:51:13] =(HCM)=zintere: peace all! [23:51:15] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: a tank? [23:51:17] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: bb [23:51:22] Host: [UE]mac|1*tC has changed teams. [23:51:22] [Private] Host: elloGuy@IRC has changed your team by force. [23:51:27] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: lol [23:51:42] elloGuy|RxD: aww he left [23:51:44] Bangsta: hallo:) [23:52:04] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: omg [23:52:14] [+ZGSE+]-RazuL: grrr [23:52:17] [Team] [UE]mac|1*tC: !bl [23:52:17] [Private] Host: Your vehicle has been bound to you and locked. Any vehicle you previously had bound has been unbound. [23:52:21] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM [23:52:24] [Team] elloGuy|RxD: ref [23:52:35] |+ETS+|PsYcHo_CBG: sry razl ol [23:52:50] elloGuy|RxD: aww [23:53:12] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: phew about time ty [23:53:16] [+ZGSE+]-RazuL: lol [23:53:22] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: ello wouldnt kill me [23:53:33] elloGuy|RxD: i wanted him to walk back [23:53:36] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co: lol [23:53:39] Gen_Blacky: lol [23:53:40] [UE]mac|1*tC: :P [23:53:55] [Team] elloGuy|RxD: who wants money [23:53:58] Gen_Blacky: wheelies time [23:53:59] [Team] [UE]mac|1*tC: i do lol [23:54:05] [Team] elloGuy|RxD: !donate mac 1800 [23:54:05] [Private] Host: elloGuy|RxD has donated 1800 to you! [23:54:10] [Team] [UE]mac|1*tC: ty ello [23:54:15] [Team] elloGuy|RxD: !donate raz 44 [23:54:20] elloGuy|RxD: hav fun [23:54:20] [Private] Host: The enemy has stolen your vehicle! [23:54:27] [+ZGSE+]-RazuL: lol ty [23:55:30] Host: [RxD] Gen_Blacky has been recommended by BlazeRegulator: Destroyed Barracks and War Factory [23:55:37] Gen_Blacky: lol [23:55:49] [+ZGSE+]-RazuL: lol [23:55:55] Host: [RxD] [=ULoW=]Banddroid|Co has been recommended by BlazeRegulator: Destroyed Refinery and GDI Powerplant
  3. Thanks all, and hello again Trojan. I remember you, used to chat on msn as well a bit too. Who can I remember.. there was you, Slave, THC|Weed4all, Zuess, elloGuy, Banddroid, General Bones, [sync]Prism, Crown Royal, etc... good times!
  4. Glad to see renegade demo never died like I thought it did.. sad to know I missed out on some good years of play. I just started playing Renegade again on Renegade X and decided randomly to google RxD which led me here, and I see that it still was going (and is still going?) I played demo long before RxD and through its entire creation, those were good days. Miss the community a lot, I see some of it may have survived here. Are servers up and running for RxD? Are they on gamespy? And if so could someone direct me to download links or give me some info, thanks.